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Become part of a nationwide healthcare recruiting network that empowers candidates to land great jobs across perm, contract, locum roles, and more. Enjoy remote healthcare recruiting opportunities and the freedom to choose the type and number of requisitions you work on. Utilize our cutting-edge technology to unlock financial rewards throughout the recruiting and hiring process, not just upon candidate hire.

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Making Hiring Better for Everyone

A Better Experience With Personal and Financial Flexibility

At Relode, you have complete autonomy and control over your workday. Work on various roles simultaneously or narrow your focus to a specific position or market. Utilize your natural networking skills while benefiting from financial perks and the flexibility of working on your terms. Leverage our state-of-the-art platform to make all types of hires more efficient and rewarding.

"Great support in sourcing roles with a great team to collaborate with and problem solve. Flexible environment and great income potential."

Relode Recruiter

Earn Rewards and Enjoy Remote Healthcare Recruiting Opportunities

All members of our network, including recruiters, sourcers, and networkers, work remotely and have access to our proprietary hiring platform. This platform, designed to meet the complex needs of all hiring types, enables you to source and refer candidates for any open role.

  • Work remotely as a U.S.-based 1099 contractor.
  • Earn financial rewards at the submission, interview, and hire stages.
  • More earning potential for high-level roles and difficult-to-fill requisitions across perm, contract, locum, etc.
  • Use an intuitive hiring platform that makes browsing jobs, matching leads, referring candidates, and tracking payments easy.
  • Networkers, sourcers, and recruiters receive additional perks, including extra rewards, real-time support from a designated Engagement Specialist, and access to a library of training videos and articles.

Find and apply for a level that matches your interest and experience.

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Combining Human Expertise and AI Technology to Make Hiring Better for Everyone

Industry Professional
For healthcare professionals who want to help themselves, their friends, or colleague network find great jobs.

Find quality talent and earn rewards whenever someone you refer gets hired—or if you apply for the job and get hired! Engage with our robust platform to maximize your networking potential.
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Less than 2 years experience
For anyone with 1+ years of recruiting experience.

As a Sourcer, you receive rewards for finding qualified candidates in your unique network.

Utilize Relode's sophisticated software to discover opportunities across various hiring categories.
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2+ years experience
For anyone with 2+ years of full cycle recruiting experience and a proven track record placing direct hires, contractors, locums, and more.

Get matched with requisitions in your local market that fall under your specified industries and areas of interest.
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Recruiter Attributes

  • Recruiters working in 50 states
  • 55% specialize in healthcare
  • 7% executive search
  • 8% with a disability

Top Job Categories

  • Nurse
  • LCSW
  • Administration
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician
  • Engineering

Top Specialty Recruiting Skillsets

  • Military veterans
  • Mature workers
  • LGBTQ+
  • People with disabilities
  • Ex-offenders
  • Racial-ethnic Minorities

Diverse and Inclusive Healthcare Recruiting Network

Diversity within the Relode healthcare recruiting network reflects our strong company values and commitment to helping clients build more diverse and inclusive teams. Our platform's capabilities are designed to support the broad spectrum of hires and promote a unified, network-driven approach to recruiting.

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Hear From Other Recruiters About Their Experience With Relode

At Relode, we take pride in connecting top-notch healthcare talent with the employers who need them most. But don't just take our word for it – hear from other recruiters about their experiences working with us. We've gathered a collection of reviews from recruiters across the country, sharing their thoughts on Relode's platform, process, and team.

"I've been working with Relode for years, and they always deliver. Their team is responsive and their technology makes it easy to track candidates and manage my pipeline efficiently."


Independent Recruiter

"Relode's platform has been a game-changer for my recruiting business. The ability to connect with top healthcare talent quickly has saved me time and helped me place more candidates than ever before."


Staffing Agency Owner

"Relode has been instrumental in helping me build a thriving healthcare recruiting business. Their platform is user-friendly, and the quality of the candidates I find through their network is unparalleled."


Healthcare Recruiter