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The Process of Relode

Relode’s proven and different approach to hiring delivers a higher volume of qualified healthcare candidates, a faster time-to-hire, and a better experience for internal talent acquisition teams. The process is unlike anything you’ve experienced working with a staffing agency, and that’s why it’s successful.

Skilled and Certified Candidates

Thorough screening processes ensure you are only matched with candidates matching specific skillsets and hiring criteria for perm, contract, locum, and other hiring needs.

Start your day with skilled, interview-ready candidates across various roles. Review their qualifications, set up interviews, and manage communications through Relode’s proprietary hiring platform, designed to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your entire hiring process.

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Stylized map to represent relode's nationwide network of diverse and specialized networkers, recruiters, and sourcers

Nationwide Network of Vocationally Diverse and Specialized Professional Networkers, Recruiters, and Sourcers

Instead of repeatedly tapping into the same candidate pools, expand your reach with a geographically and vocationally diverse recruiting network.

Relode’s unique hiring approach and experienced recruiters help you target specific markets and regions for better hiring outcomes. With committed experts at your disposal, you can scale your hiring, fill difficult roles, and meet your organization’s DEI&B goals faster than ever before.

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Powerful Hiring Insights

Stay ahead of the game with comprehensive hiring market data at your fingertips, all facilitated through Relode’s advanced platform. Identify roadblocks, gain insight into competitor job openings, compare salary ranges, and stay on top of labor market trends.

Daily platform updates ensure you always have current, accurate data to guide your recruiting strategy through our dynamic and responsive software.

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Why Relode’s Unique Hiring Approach Works

Relode’s recruiters, expert job managers, and customer support act as an extension of your internal hiring team to help you find and hire great talent. A unique approach combining advanced AI and automation in hiring and human expertise helps employers access talent in ways not previously possible. Instead of hours wasted searching scraped databases and sifting through resumes, teams get qualified candidates delivered fast.

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“Relode brought great candidates quickly during a time of quick expansion for the company.”

"If you need quality candidates quickly Relode is a great partner to collaborate with."

Lindsey H.

VP of Social & Episodic Programs

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