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Unleashing Potential with Qualified Talent

Start your day with qualified talent matching your job requirements. Relode offers unmatched geographical reach and vocational expertise through access to the largest specialized recruiter, sourcer, and networker platform in the nation, making all types of hires (perm, contract, locum, etc.) more manageable. By curating a selected group of healthcare talent, we make the search smoother and more fruitful, providing far superior candidate experience.
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Connect with Talent Locally and Nationwide Through Our Comprehensive Network

Promote open roles locally or broadcast them to a diverse network of nationwide Relode recruiters, sourcers, and networkers. With experts positioned in every U.S. region, our cutting-edge software platform ensures you can find qualified talent for even the most difficult-to-fill healthcare roles, whether permanent or contract, while ensuring an improved candidate experience.

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Qualified Candidate Recruitment Through a Dynamic Platform

It takes experience and dedication to achieve consistently successful job requirement matching. All healthcare recruiters, sourcers, and networkers undergo extensive assessment through our innovative technology platform to ensure they have the right skills and track record before joining our specialized network.

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Healthcare Hiring Market Expertise Through Advanced Technology

With a focus on healthcare, Relode’s specialized network leverages our state-of-the-art software to connect you with qualified talent for specialized roles across all hiring types.

Gain access to an exponential network of passive talent, powered by our technology, solving your talent challenges across all types of hires.

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Assisting Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Through Network Collaboration

A diverse network, leads to more diverse healthcare candidate pools. Our technology connects recruiting experts skilled in key hiring areas to help meet your goals of improving diversity across your organization and creating a more inclusive work environment.

Military Workers
Mature Workers
People with Disabilities
Care Ex-Offenders
Racial-Ethnic Minorities
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