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Efficient Healthcare Staffing Solutions for All Hiring Types

Meet your hiring goals faster with a comprehensive blend of healthcare staffing services, including permanent, contract, and locum hires, and our proprietary hiring technology. Get Relode-Certified candidates delivered quickly to help your team hire at scale, leveraging the expertise of our network of recruiters, sourcers, and networkers.

What Is Relode-Certified?

Candidates undergo a detailed verification process conducted by a seasoned network of recruiters, sourcers, and networkers before being presented to your team. Thorough vetting means you can count on consistent quality for all types of hires, whether you have one or dozens of recruiting professionals working on your job requisitions.

Once you receive a matched candidate through our state-of-the-art platform, your team can review their resume and video submission before deciding whether to proceed with an interview.

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How the Candidate-Matching Process Works



Job managers break down your requisitions into meaningful criteria for more accurate candidate matching, then submit the job opening to an extensive network of experienced recruiters, sourcers, and networkers.



Our network professionals review the criteria before connecting with potential matches from their extensive networks. Matched candidates are guaranteed to match a specific number of criteria for each job requisition, no matter the type of hire.



Matched candidates review details outlining the role, salary, and your organization. Candidates deciding to pursue the opportunity move to the interview prep stage through our innovative platform.



You receive confirmation of a match through our technology-driven platform, along with candidate details. After thorough preparation, the candidate meets with your team for a formal interview.

Flexible Candidate Matching for Healthcare Organizations

An organization’s staffing needs can change at any time. With the support of our technology, whether you need to hire contingent workers at scale or fill highly specialized roles with permanent staff, our integrated network will help you source Relode-Certified candidates quickly and efficiently.

Direct Hiring

Get matched with candidates seeking permanent hire roles through our intelligent platform.
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Contingent Hiring

Cover critical jobs with contract workers, including locum positions, until you can permanently fill the position using our extensive network and technology.
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Unmatched Industry Experience Helps Deliver the Best Candidates

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