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Real-Time Data Accessibility

Instead of purchasing market reports that quickly become outdated, leverage the power of having real-time hiring data at your fingertips. This benefit, encompassing all types of hires (perm, contract, locum, etc.), is exclusive to subscription holders and accessible only through the Relode platform.

“Effective and easy to use.”

"Relode’s UI is intuitive and easy for my team to adopt. Giving feedback to the crown in real-time helps recalibrate candidate quality. It helped me meet my goals faster than traditional staffing companies."

Brian C.

Head of Sales

Overcome Hurdles at Every Stage of the Hiring Journey

Hiring teams often rely on outdated recruiting and hiring methods that involve a lot of guesswork. Recruiting in a tight labor market requires a more strategic approach, Relode’s service includes access to unparalleled insights into all barriers to getting the best talent including reputational information, real time supply and demand data alongside fresh salary data that is updated in near real time.

Job Profile and Compensation Comparison Tools

You can spend hours combing through job boards and competitor job postings or have all of that comprehensive data in one easy-to-access place.

Real-time hiring data from 300 million career profiles and 1 billion current and historical job postings provide invaluable insights into candidate pools and jobs nationwide.

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Candidate and Market Feedback

Honest feedback on your interviewing, hiring, and onboarding experience helps you identify gaps and improve processes. Our software not only gathers insights from recruiters but also from an extensive network of external sources, candidates and public data, providing your team with data and insights that can help you solve problems in your talent funnel.

The platform collects, analyzes, and synthesizes healthcare candidate and market feedback from thousands of recruiter-candidate conversations and the broader network to offer a holistic perspective.

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Current Market Condition Visibility

Is job supply and demand favorable in your target region or city? What does the retirement risk look like? Do you need to expand your geographical reach to fill critical positions? Our comprehensive platform not only serves recruiters but also supports all professionals in the hiring process.

We update labor market and economic data daily using 18 billion data points curated from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Labor. This level of market visibility helps you focus recruiting efforts on regions where you can succeed the most.

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Conduct Salary Negotiations With Confidence

A candidate market requires competitive compensation packages. Compare your salary ranges against companies with similar open roles to see where you might be missing the mark. Our platform unites data from across the hiring landscape, reflecting all types of hires.

Our compensation comparison tools curate data from 40 million pay observations based on government sources, job postings, and internal analysis to ensure accuracy.

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Diverse and Inclusive Team Building

Achieving DE&I goals can be challenging, especially when trying to hire in geographical areas that are not very diverse. The Relode platform enhances strategies by utilizing a rich network of recruiters, sourcers, and networkers.

In-depth national and regional diversity data helps you target recruiting efforts and set realistic DE&I goals across your organization.

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