What Does the Nurse Shortage Tell Us About Job and Salary Trends?

What Does the Nurse Shortage Tell Us About Job and Salary Trends?

Getting screamed at by a patient, washing off vomit from your favorite scrubs, and working two double shifts back-to-back—all in a day’s work if you’re nurse. While most nurses admit that they didn’t enter the healthcare profession for the money, it helps to feel as if you’re being paid fairly and compensated for all you put up with.

Relode Founder/CEO Matt Tant on Disrupting the Healthcare Staffing Industry

Relode Founder & CEO Matt Tant

Relode Founder & CEO Matt Tant

Relode founder and CEO Matt Tant was recently featured on the Recovery Unscripted podcast, a production that's powered by Foundations Recovery Network, at their Innovation in Recovery Conference in San Diego last month.

During the interview, Matt represented Relode, sharing the lessons he learned about the healthcare field from his football career. By utilizing that knowledge and setting goals for himself, he's been able to disrupt the healthcare staffing industry by creating a place for recruiters and marketers to effectively use their professional networks.

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Matt shared that his career in the recruiting industry was something that fell into his lap unintentionally. Noticing that the recruiting field lacked innovation, he developed his own method of finding talent and became eager to share it with others. In that same way, he shared with podcast listeners how Relode chooses clinical-based recruiting to help healthcare providers hire the best people for clinical positions.  

Hear more of Matt Tant’s insight for the recovery community in the full Recovery Unscripted episode below. Click the link, scroll down to episode #13, and enjoy!

Episode #13: Disrupting the Healthcare Staffing Industry with Matt Tant

Friends Helping Friends: A Relode Agent Success Story

"My grandparents always asked me what I wanted to do," says Julie Garcia, RN, a labor and delivery nurse in California, "and I always knew that I wanted to help people or animals. It just happened that nursing worked out!"

We caught up with Julie, a Relode Agent who first learned about Relode through Facebook, to find out more about her agent experience, get her pointers on the process and to find out how she's enjoyed fulfillment in helping a friend find his perfect job. 

How did you know that your candidate would be a good fit for this job?

I knew William — the candidate I referred for the job — for years because I used to work with him on an ambulance, and we would transport patients between hospitals during our shifts. We only worked together for a few years but became friends and would often stay in touch through Facebook. When I signed up as a Relode agent and viewed the jobs, I knew that he would be a great fit for the RN:ED position in San Jose, CA, because of his work experience. So, I reached out to him over Facebook and shared the job with him. From there, he applied, started the interview process and was hired within the month. I was so happy for him when he got the job because I knew the hours would be good fit for him.

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What do you think of Relode compared to traditional hiring?

I was really excited when I heard about Relode because it puts the hiring process in the hands of healthcare professionals who know the best candidates. I knew William was the perfect fit for this job, and to have the ability and power to advocate for him was great. Additionally, as a healthcare professional, it’s very easy to grow a large network of friends and colleagues over the years and know what hospitals are looking for in candidates. Because I know my friends, healthcare as an industry and qualifications of the job, Relode just makes sense to use as a healthcare professional because it puts everything in one place. I’m literally getting paid to refer my network.

With traditional hiring or recruiting companies, the recruiters get the money, not the healthcare professionals. A lot of times they’ll ask me if I know anyone else for the job, but they get paid for my referral. With Relode, I get to use my network, and I get to have access to hundreds of jobs, but this time, I get paid. It’s a win-win for everybody. There are jobs on Relode for everybody, which is awesome because the odds of knowing someone to fill one of the positions are great. I also have never seen a company that cares so much about everyone’s experience. Relode takes the time to understand its agents, candidates and clients and to make the perfect match. It’s a team effort! 

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How was the process?

The process was super easy. I actually couldn’t believe how easy it was. Relode gave me the tools to communicate over Facebook, and it was so easy to do. Additionally, I was able to get his resume and make suggestions for what he could do to change it because I had worked with him and knew he was missing some information that would help him stand out. It was easy to upload William’s resume on Relode and create his profile. It took less than 5 minutes. Additionally, one of the Account Executives reached out immediately and kept in touch through email and phone calls during the entire process. It really felt like we were a team working towards one goal.

What tips and tricks would you offer other Relode Agents? 

The thing I did — and how I was able to get the second hire — was I posted it on our local nursing Facebook group. Facebook is a wonderful tool to reach out to your family and friends and help others out in particular jobs. I phrased it as, “I’m working with a hospital and I will help review your resume for this job.” 

How did you establish a relationship with your Account Executive? 

The relationship went really well. The Account Executive reached out to me via Relode and emailed, and we got communicating about the role and expectations. The Account Executives were quick to answer every question and communicate effectively. I felt like I was a part of the team.  

Do you have any advice for new Relode Agents to help with the onboarding process? 

I would recommend knowing what jobs are located in your area. It’s initially overwhelming because there are a lot of positions in the Relode platform, but familiarizing yourself with the positions will help a lot when sharing with friends!

When you're ready to help your friend(s) land his or her dream job, find out how to become a Relode Agent (it's free!), and then get starting leveraging your network.

Kevin McNamee: Relode Agent Success Story

Kevin McNamee works in recruiting, specifically in the information technology space. That's why when his boss told him about Relode and the earning potential for referring solid candidates, he was a little confused. "I was like 'Are you sure about this?'" Kevin shares. "But, I’m really happy he let me know about Relode because I’ve felt that it’s given me another opportunity to explore."

Kevin appreciated his boss's graciousness, which allowed him to pursue additional avenues to earn more money ... a rarity indeed. It wasn't long before he made his first successful referral, merely underscoring his effectiveness at recruiting. 

Kevin McNamee

Kevin McNamee

We sat down with Kevin to find out his thoughts on the Relode agent experience, find out what tips he would share with new Relode agents and more.

How did you know that your candidate would be a good fit for this job?

I knew that my candidate would be a good fit for this role because after years of working in this industry, I recognized that his qualifications met the background that was required. 

What do you think of Relode compared to traditional hiring?

I live in the traditional world of recruiting, but I personally really like what Relode has to offer. I think it gives recruiters the opportunity to do things and work on things that they may not have access to in their current jobs. I think it’s a great way to earn additional income. 

How was the process?

I thought the process was easy and that Relode’s platform was seamless. I felt very in the know about my candidate’s process, and all I had to do was source and refer a candidate, which was great. From there, Relode put in the back-end work and kept me updated throughout the entire process with emails and phone calls. I felt like I knew what was happening with my candidate — and why — the entire time from my Account Executive and Relode. 

How did you establish this relationship with your Account Executive? 

I established the relationship by just being honest and upfront in communication with my Account Executive about my candidate. Communication is key and as long as I know what’s going on, I felt involved in the process the whole time. 

What tips and tricks would you offer other Relode Agents? 

I would offer the advice to only take on work that you believe you can fill. Obviously, my background is in IT, so utilizing Relode to find nursing positions probably won’t be my specialty, but definitely take on things that you feel qualified to handle. 

"I thought the process was easy and that Relode’s platform was seamless."  — Kevin McNamee, Relode Agent

Advice for new Relode Agents? 

Be honest and upfront about your candidate’s skills and availability.

Would share Relode with friends?

Yes, I would definitely share Relode with friends. I’m happy that my manager did, and I would do the same for others. 

If you're ready to put your skills to the test and become the next Relode Agent Success Story, click here to become a Relode Agent.