Recruitbot + Relode

Building great teams is at the core of both Relode and RecruitBot. We recognize that teams are rapidly becoming the fusion of people and technology, and so the challenge of building the ideal team has become the primary bottleneck to innovation. Together, we help our partners meet this challenge.

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Who is RecruitBot?

RecruitBot was born out of the frustrations of finding the right candidates in the sea of applicants and sourcing channels. RecruitBot began offering our platform to recruiters in 2020 after 2 years of quietly building the best candidate search and ML engine on the market.
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3 Key Benefits of The RecruitBot Partnership

Find the Right Candidates

RecruitBot’s search rapidly learns what “Great” means for you for each and every req you’re working on. RecruitBot automatically bubbles up ideal candidates, with valid contact data, to the top of your search, saving you 10’s of hours a week!

Automate the Engagement

With RecruitBot's automated outreach engine, you can quickly build drip campaigns for cold outreach, mid funnel engagement and even nurture sequences for those A+ candidates you’ve worked so hard to find.

Optimize Your Process

RecruitBot analytics will give you data on each aspect of your outreach to understand and improve your process. You’ll get message-level data on open rates and engagement rates for each one of your campaigns to help increase your performance in each step.

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