Greenhouse + Relode

Greenhouse and Relode accelerate your hiring process. Start your day in Greenhouse with interview-ready candidates from our network of specialized recruiters, plus powerful labor market insights and analytics for better hiring results.

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Who is Greenhouse?

If you are ready to hire great talent, Greenhouse gives you the right technology, know-how, and support to take on your hiring process with the largest and most impactful integration ecosystem.
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3 Key Benefits of The Greenhouse + Relode Connector

Save Time

No more duplicate data entry. Have all of your open jobs in Greenhouse go straight into the Relode system so they can easily be broadcast out to the network of recruiters.

Hire Faster

Relode-certified candidates meet all of your key criteria. Start your day in Greenhouse with a qualified slate of candidates improves your top hiring metrics, reducing both time to hire and cost per hire.

Never Miss a Candidate

Leverage your existing hiring workflow in Greenhouse with your Relode candidates showing immediately in your Greenhouse interface.

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