ContactOut + Relode

ContactOut + Relode gives Relode Recruiters access to exclusive pricing to access the best email sourcing tool on the market. ContactOut's database provides premium contact information for candidates.

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Who is ContactOut?

ContactOut helps recruiters connect and source talent 10x faster than just LinkedIn. We have direct emails for 75% of candidates on LinkedIn and phone numbers for 20%.
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3 Key Benefits of The ContactOut Partnership

Direct Contact

With ContactOut + Relode, you will be able to reach out directly to passive candidates - enabling you to initiate conversations immediately.

Time Savings

Direct emails and phone calls are 10x more effective than just LinkedIn recruiting. You will save time and talk to more people after using ContactOut + Relode.

List Building

With ContactOut + Relode, you can build lists for positions with our Search Portal - adding hundreds of candidates to your recruiting funnel.

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