Arya by Leoforce + Relode

Arya by Leoforce allows Relode recruiters to accelerate and streamline their recruiting process by pulling qualified, diverse candidates from multiple sources into a single easy-to-manage interface.

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Who is Leoforce?

Leoforce is the company behind Arya, the premier AI-powered recruiting platform. Arya accelerates the recruiting process while giving recruiters the People Intelligence to better match the right job with the right person, at the right time in their career.
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3 Key Benefits of The Arya by Leoforce Partnership

People Intelligence

Arya is different because it goes far beyond traditional AI to deliver People Intelligence, yielding deeper insights into candidates by analyzing the more complex patterns of a person’s entire career journey.

Simple Recruiter Interface

You see one de-duplicated, stack-ranked list of best-fit candidates matched to your specific jobs, from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 700 million+ candidates across the globe.

Diversity Built-In

Arya has built-in options to help your organization meet its individual diversity hiring goals. There’s no need to pay for specialty job boards, complicate your workflows, or invest in new technology.

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