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Case Studies

They provided a challenge, Relode agents provided the results.

Julie Pickup

“We haven’t had an agent that wasn’t good. Their communication has been really great. I like that Relode is set up like Pinterest. We can communicate easily, just like we do with our ATS.”


Hiring nurse managers is a challenge for us, as well as hiring for some nursing positions. We are getting a lot more candidates than we did before but we still have a longer delay in hiring nurse managers. Before Relode, we used outsourced headhunting firms. Their fees were upwards of $30k for one candidate.


Relode takes the pressure off of us. We typically have 50-80 recommendations per recrutier that we are sourcing through continually. We have a lot of demand on us, so Relode gives us an extra level of support when looking to fill these positions, almost another set of eyes in the search.

Amy Cunningham

“The candidate our agent found for us had a great resume, spoke several different languages, had a masters degree, and was really smart. She did a great job of searching out really qualified candidates.”


Before Relode, we had no filtration system. My email was bombarded with candidates. We had difficulty because we are searching for candidates in so many different markets, and still hiring good people. You can have a lot of candidates, but its been hard to find good people that have the experience and have a great personality to go with it.


With Relode, it is really nice to keep applicants separate and to know that I’m not having to sift through my emails to know who is from where. I can search for candidates in each market and have them all organized. Relode has been the primary source hiring our smile techs, a position which is across the country.

Angela Carlson

"Our agent was engaged and wanted to know as much information about the position as possible before he started the search, and he was very thorough."


Before Relode, it was difficult to quickly come up with viable candidates. We did a couple of ads on indeed and craigslist. We also had one recruiter for higher end recruiting. And of course, using all those resources meant that the information was scattered from here to neverland.


Relode has been extremely useful in keeping all of our information and hiring/candidate materials under one roof. We have had quite a few significant hires that have come from Relode, and received close to 100 candidates through the platform. We just ordered a Physician Assistant. We like that we have the option to do a true medical high level position search through Relode as well.

Christian Dewald & Tanya King

"Our agent did a wonderful job. She delivered quality candidates, one of which we hired.”


Our biggest challenge at Fast Pace Urgent care is finding nurse practitioners and skilled practitioners in rural areas, where our clinics are open. Before Relode, we just used job boards like Indeed and Craigslist, but trying to find unique and qualified candidates in those rural areas has been a real challenge.


Relode gives us the ability to spend less time on recruiting, because we have an additional tool on top of our internal efforts. Our agents have been doing a good job. They seem to have really good follow up and the ability to fill quite a few of our positions. Our agents have sent us candidates that we ended up hiring.


Take our customers word for it.

“Our experience with Relode was great. We hired a developer, and now he is manning the ship as CIO.”

David Anderson

“Our first candidate was really great, really strong. Her experience was so good she had a lot of options. She had four other offers on the table when she came in to interview here. I don’t know where she went, but from a feedback standpoint, it was still worth it to have the opportunity (to interview her).”