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each candidate will go through a series of status changes throughout the hiring process within relode. as a talent advisor you will manage your candidates to the review stage, after this the relode account executive will manage the candidate status. to help, here is a list of each potential candidate status...

  1. new: you have added a new lead or linked an existing lead to a job opportunity.
  2. qualifying: once connected to a job, clicking the green check mark on the role will enter your candidate into qualifying. during this stage you will determine whether or not your candidate is qualified for the job. you will enter notes into their profile regarding the conversations you have.
  3. review: once you have screened the candidate and determined they are a great fit, you will click the greeen check mark on the job again, and enter through the review process. once input into this status, the account executive is notified of a new candidate. (please see the topic "candidate reviews" on what information is required when putting your candidate into review.)
  4. submitted: the account executive has reviewed your candidate, review summary and all notes and determined they should be submitted to the client for consideration. you will receive a submittal bonus each time your candidate is moved into this status. - please note if a candidate is rejected for; not responding to mutilple contact attempts from the AE, already applying directly to the client, or already being employed with the client, you will receive an improper submittal warning. three improper submittals within 30 days will result in a users submittal rewards being removed.
  5. interviewing: your candidate will be updated to this status by the account executive when the client has expressed interest in them. you will find the date, time and type of interview (phone, in-person, etc.) from the "status" tab of the job your candidate is interviewing for.
  6. offered: candidates are breifly moved into this status once the client has extended an official offer and are waiting for a decision.
  7. hired: the candidate has accepted the offer and a official start date has been established by the client. you will see the specific hire details listed on the "starting" portion of your dashboard.
  8. rejected: at any point in the process you can click the red X to reject your candidate for an opportunity. if your candidate is past the review status, the account executive will be respsonsible for rejecting the candidate and providing details on why they were not a fit.

candidate ownership

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candidate match score

learn about how to tag your candidate profiles to improve their match scores

candidate reviews

When putting a candidate into Review, the summary should be an elevator pitch to the client of why they are a great fit for the job. Include items from their resume and experience that speak directly to what the position is requiring and any additional qualifications they may have beyond the minimum requirements.

Before putting any candidate into Review, ensure they have never applied to the client, or currently work for them in any capacity, Relode can't represent these candidates.

Additional items to always include in your candidate Review summary...

  1. Explanation of any work gaps
  2. Why the candidate is looking for a new job, especially if looking to shift to a different department or speciality
  3. Realistic salary minimum and maximum requirements for candidate

Review Summary Example

candidate interview prep template

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candidate interview debrief template

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provider guide

acronyms and definitions to help understand requirements for physician and advanced practice jobs

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