platform how-to's

how do i search jobs on the relode site?

Finding the right job for the right person is simple with our platform. Watch this short video to get started, or follow the steps below. Embedded content:

  • Log in in to your account and click the “jobs” tab at the top.
  • Use keywords to search for specific positions.

how do i upload a resume to relode?

If you're adding a resume from a candidate, make sure that it's either an image (JPG, JPEG, or PNG), or that it's a proper PDF (not a native PDF). If you have questions about whether your candidate's resume is the right format, please feel free to message us through your dashboard.

why does nothing show up when i click "show company"?

Our clients value confidentiality, so we don't disclose the hiring company on our public jobs page. This also decreases the risk that your candidate will apply directly with the company instead of through Relode.

When our team reaches out to your candidate, we'll share job details, including the client name and salary.