networking how-to's

how should i introduce myself to candidates?

When you talk to candidates, it's important to let them know that Relode will be reaching out to them about a position. Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is [NAME], and I'm an independent recruiter with Relode, a referral community that connects nurses and doctors to the best jobs. We match top talent, like you, to opportunities with the top employers in healthcare."

As you continue the conversation, remember to tell them that a talent advisor will be connecting with them about next steps.

You can read a sample pitch here.

how do i post jobs to other sites?

Here's what to keep in mind when posting jobs to other sites.

The best place to start when you're looking for top healthcare candidates is your network. Here's a guide to how to network.

Social Media

If you're posting jobs to social media, use your unique link to create a posting. You can post to any social network you prefer. If your candidates ask, you can introduce yourself as an independent recruiter with Relode.

Although you'll see the Relode company name in the link (which is fine!), avoid mentioning Relode as the employer. You'll need to use your own company name.

Job boards

Some agents also decide to post Relode jobs to job boards. However, if you're just getting started, we recommend starting with your network before investing in a job board. If you're posting on job boards, you'll need to use your own company name in order to activate your account. An example might be "Jane Smith Recruiting."

If you decide to post a Relode position on a job board, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to avoid mentioning information about the client or salary. Salary in the healthcare industry can vary wildly based on experience, location, and other factors. Our team will discuss both salary and the client with your candidate.
  • As a Relode recruiter, you are an independent contractor, so we ask that you do not represent yourself as a Relode employee. Instead, use your own name and company when posting jobs on job sites.

Failing to comply with any of the items above will result in suspension from the Relode platform.

We also encourage you to write your own job description for your post. To attract the best candidates, we suggest you create the post specifically for candidates, focusing on the benefits and advantages of the job.

Terms of use: Confidentiality and Affiliation

Agent shall not disclose any Client name or the salary applicable to any Job Post in any public manner, including but not limited to public forums such as job posting sites, social media sites, personal web sites, blogs, or advertisements available to the public. In addition, Agent shall not hold himself or herself out as an employee of either the Client or Relode when sharing Relode Job Posts with candidates or otherwise.

To learn more about Relode's Terms of Use, read here.

can i post jobs on my own website?

We encourage our agent to list the jobs on their personal sites and have candidates apply directly through the links on the agent's site. If you have a WordPress site, we offer a plugin that is coded to your account and allows you to post jobs straight from the Relode site to your site. Email for more instructions and to get the plugin.

should i screen the candidates i submit?

Absolutely! That’s a requirement under our Recruiting Agreement Policy. The goal of Relode is to connect a great candidate with a job opportunity that is perfect for them. Connecting with the candidate is the best way to get a sense of whether the position would be a good fit for them.

what if my candidate asks about salary?

We typically don't post the salary for positions since so many of them depend on experience and may vary based on the candidate. We never want to quote a salary to a candidate that may be way off-base from what the client offers. If you have questions about a specific position's salary, you can reach out to a talent advisor in your dashboard.

Let your candidate know that our team will be reaching out and will be sharing job details, including the client name and salary range. You can also encourage your candidate to use the calendly link in the outreach email to schedule a time to talk with our team.