applying for jobs

what is relode?

Relode is a referral community where healthcare professionals can apply for jobs or earn money for referring their peers.

how do i search jobs on relode?

Here's a quick video tutorial on searching for positions with Relode.

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how do i use relode's job filters?

You can use both the search bar and the filters on the left hand side of the jobs page to help narrow your specific search results.

In the search bar, you can search jobs using keywords, or by location using zip codes. When you type in a zip code, the search will automatically expand to include any results within 50 miles of that zip code. If you want to see all the jobs, just type "all locations" into the location search bar.

You can also search jobs using the following filters:

  • Job type: search by full-time, part-time, or locum (short term physician or mid-level assignments)
  • Location: fiter results by city.
  • Category: search by catgories like nurse, physician, healthcare IT, and more.
  • Position: filter by a specific specialty.

If you don't see a position that matches your desired location, you can update your notification settings in your profile to be notified when new positions matching your preferences are added to the platform.

how do i get more information about client and salary?

Once you apply or are referred for a position on the Relode platform, we’ll review your qualifications, and if your skillset is a good match for the position, our talent advisor team will reach out and share more information about the client and salary. You can also schedule a time to speak with one of our talent advisors by using the calendar link in the email they will send you.

how do i apply for a job?

To apply for a job at Relode, just click on the title of the position, and then click "I want to apply." You'll fill out some basic information, and the Relode team will be in touch with you shortly.

Learn more about the process in this short video:

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how do i track my application?

Once you’ve applied to a position, you can create an account in the Relode system that will let you track your progress on a specific position. In your account, you’ll also be able to easily apply to other positions and refer friends to jobs and earn rewards.

can i apply to a relode job through the company website?

In order to have Relode represent you to a client, you must apply through the Relode platform, not the client's website. If you've already applied to the position through the client's website, or you've applied at that company within the last 12 months, we're not able to work with you on that particular job (although you're still able to earn rewards by signing up to be a Relode agent!).

i'm a relode recruiter, can i apply for a job at relode?

If you’re a Relode recruiter, applying for a job takes less than five minutes! Just log in to your Relode account and click the job you’re applying to. Then fill out your personal information and click “refer candidate.” A Relode team member will be in touch within the next few days to discuss the next steps in the hiring process.