referring candidates

how do i find candidates?

A great way to find candidates is by tapping into your personal network. Social media is a great way to do this. You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know someone who is searching for a job — you may find they are looking for a job themselves!

should i screen the candidates i submit?

Absolutely! That’s a requirement under our Recruting Agreement Policy. The goal of Relode is to connect a great candidate with a job opportunity that is perfect for them. Connecting with the candidate is the best way to get a sense of whether the position would be a good fit for them. Don’t worry! We’ll handle the heavy lifting of communication, coordination, and scheduling once you connect us to your candidate, so you don’t need to do any extensive vetting.

will i be paid if my candidate is hired for a different job?

Yes! As the agent, you are attributed as the source of your candidate in Relode’s system for a period of six months — we owe their discovery to you! If we find another job that is a better fit for your candidate, we will reach out to you at that time.

can i submit multiple candidates for a job?

Sure! If multiple candidates in your network are qualified and interested, please submit them. We are regularly getting job orders from clients with multiple openings. If you want to submit an additional candidate for a job, go to the “candidates” section, click +candidate, and then type the name of the job and enter the candidate information.

how do i know where my candidate is in the hiring process?

When you refer a candidate, we want to keep you informed of every stage in the process. To do this, we send you updates whenever your candidate progresses to the next stage. To help you understand what each stage means, we’ve outlined them below:

  • Review – This stage prompts immediate action from the Relode team. This also means that an outbound action has occurred (text, call or email), and the candidate is in the process of being screened by our internal team.
  • Consideration – Account Executive has pushed candidate for review by the client.
  • Eliminated – A Relode team member or the client has determined that this candidate is not the right fit for a position.
  • Hired – The candidate has accepted the offer; this stage will also include salary and start date.

You can track your candidates’ progresses from your agent account dashboard.

Learn more about tracking your referrals in this short video: Embedded content:

how will i know if my candidate is hired?

We want you to stay updated as your candidate progresses through our system, so we work to keep you informed throughout the entire process. Whenever something happens related to your candidate(s), you’ll receive a recap email highlighting the position and the action taken. You can click the link in the email to get more information.

You can also log in to your Relode agent account, go to the “candidate” section and view all your candidates and their current statuses.

When your candidate is hired, a Relode Account Executive will reach out to you personally.