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how do i search jobs on the relode site?

Finding the right job for the right person is simple with our platform. Watch this short video to get started, or follow the steps below. Embedded content:

  • Log in in to your account and click the “jobs” tab at the top.
  • Use keywords to search for specific positions.

how do i use the job search filters?

You can use both the search bar and the filters on the left hand side of the jobs page to help narrow your specific search results.

In the search bar, you can search jobs using keywords, or by location using zip codes. When you type in a zip code, the search will automatically expand to include any results within 50 miles of that zip code. You can change the radius using the filters.

You can also search jobs using the following filters:

  • Job type: search by full-time, part-time, or locum (short term physician or mid-level assignments)
  • Location: filter results by city.
  • Category: search by categories like nurse, physician, healthcare IT, and more.
  • Position: filter by a specific specialty.

If you don't see a position that matches your candidate or your desired location, you can update your notification settings in your profile to be notified when new positions matching your preferences are added to the platform.

how do i upload a resume to relode?

If you're adding a resume from a candidate, make sure that it's either an image (JPG, JPEG, or PNG), or that it's a proper PDF (not a native PDF). If you have questions about whether your candidate's resume is the right format, please feel free to message us through your dashboard.

When you're logged into your account, you can use a uniquely generated link to share a position with your friends or peers.

To share your link:

  • Click on the title of the job you want to share.
  • On the right hand side, under the "refer or apply" box, you'll see a number of social sharing icons.
  • Depending on where you want to share your job, you can select the appropriate social button, and a link coded to your Relode account will automatically be generated for you.
  • Share the job with friends, peers, or other members of your network.

If you click the envelope icon, you can also email a job to someone who might be interested.

You can also share a job using the "options" tab to the right of a job. Simply click "options" and then click "share job."

This will generate a unique link that is tied to your account. You can share this link on social networks, or over email.

how do i set my notification preferences?

Want to be notified instantly when new jobs arrive? Update your preferences using our notification center!

  • Click your profile in the top right hand corner of the screen and select “settings.”
  • Then choose “agent settings.”
  • If you want your account to remain active and receive job notifications, make sure the box titled “Available for referral opportunities” is marked “Yes.”
  • To get immediate notifications when a new job is posted, make sure that the box titled “immediate notification,” is marked “Yes.”
  • You can add new job categories to your preferences by typing the name of the role into the “job categories” field.
  • You can also add new locations by typing the city or zip code into the “locations” field.

Want notifications from across the U.S.? Just type “all locations” into the “locations” field.

how do i know if a position is still available?

Feel free to work on any position you see on the Relode platform. If you see a position listed, it's still accepting candidates. If you need to track a specific position, you can add the position to the "my jobs" section of your dashboard.

Here's how:

  • Click on the job you're interested in tracking
  • On the right hand side in the box, click "add to my jobs."

Once a job is added to "my jobs," you'll be able to see it in your dashboard, and you'll receive notifications if that job pauses or closes.

Here's a video that explains more about how to add a position to "My Jobs"

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why does nothing show up when i click "show company"?

Our clients value confidentiality, so we don't disclose the hiring company on our public jobs page. This also decreases the risk that your candidate will apply directly with the company instead of through Relode.

When our team reaches out to your candidate, we'll share job details, including the client name and salary.