agent basics

who is a a relode agent?

Relode agents are clinicians friends, colleagues, and professionals. Becoming a Relode agent helps you earn money while helping your friends succeed in their careers by referring good people for the best jobs in healthcare.

what are the benefits of being a relode agent?

Here are just a few reasons to become an agent:

  • Earn rewards when someone you refer finds a job.
  • The flexibility to work where you want, when you want. As a Relode agent, you’re in control of your schedule.
  • Knowing that you’re helping to connect the perfect candidate to the perfect job, without the traditional recruiting runaround.

how should i introduce myself to candidates?

When you talk to candidates, it's important to let them know that Relode will be reaching out to them about a position. Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is [NAME], and I'm an agent with Relode, a referral community that connects nurses and doctors to the best jobs. We match top talent, like you, to opportunities with the top employers in healthcare."

As you continue the conversation, remember to tell them that a talent advisor will be connecting with them about next steps.

how do agents find out about jobs?

There are four ways agents can find open positions to refer candidates from their network:

  • Sign up to receive weekly emails about referral opportunities. Make sure your profile is set to active and that your settings are configured to the positions and locations you want.
  • Sign up to receive immediate notifications when opportunities matching your profile are added to the Relode job board.
  • Join our Agent Advantage Call every Wednesday at 12pm CST. We’ll give you insider access to new jobs, hidden gems, and insight into new markets.
  • Head to the Relode job board and search open positions by job title and location.

why can't i view a job's salary?

We typically don't post the salary for positions since so many of them depend on experience and may vary based on the candidate. We never want to quote a salary to a candidate that may be way off-base from what the client offers. If you have questions about a specific position's salary, you can reach out to a talent advisor or an account executive.

how do the payments work?

Once you’ve successfully found and referred a candidate, here’s how the payments work:

You’ll be paid via our direct deposit. All agents are treated as independent contractors.

You’ll receive 50% of your reward after half the guarantee period has passed, and the other 50% at the end of the guarantee period. The guarantee period means that your candidate needs to stay in their new position for a certain amount of time (usually 60 or 90 days).

Once half of the guarantee period is finished, we will reach out to the employer to confirm your candidate is still employed. Once we receive confirmation, we'll begin processesing your reward. The confirmation period may take several days to complete. We cannot begin the process of getting your reward to you until we receive confirmation from the client.

If this is your first hire, we will send you an ACH form to fill out. When you return the form to us, we will authorize the payment. You will only have to fill out the ACH form once. If you have earned rewards previously and had an account with our old payroll service, you will still have to fill out an ACH form once.

You can get the ACH form here, and send it to when you've filled it out.

do i need to be a recruiter to be successful?

Not at all! To be a successful agent, all you need is the motivation to actively search for candidates. This may mean interacting regularly with your personal network, or reaching out to potential candidates on social media — it looks different for everyone.

how do i invite my friends to relode?

When you become an agent with Relode, you’ll also receive a unique invitation link you can send to your friends.