What I love best is the people and the company culture here. We really do have so much fun.
— Rachel Cruze

Why did you start looking for a new job?

I was working in the print industry, and I knew that I didn't see myself there long term. I have always wanted to move into healthcare, so I needed to start looking.

How did you hear about Relode?

Through a friend.

What was the process like to find a new position?

Relode was super enthusiastic about the process and the opportunity they offered, especially an open position at Entrada. The process to find a new job is never easy, but Relode was really helpful and consistent in keeping me updated on the interview process. The initial position that I was looking into filled pretty quickly, but Relode was on top of finding an alternative position that fit my experience and interests even better.

What is Entrada? And what do you do?

Entrada is an app based healthcare company. We provide workflow solutions to healthcare providers all over the country, and are integrated with a handful of EHRS. EHRS are electronic health records. We were voted the number one small business to work in Tennessee this year.

I am a client development specialist. I'm an account manager for our smaller clients (1-7 providers). I maintain their accounts, nurture the relationships, work on contracts and agreements, business escalations, and upgrades/upsells  of our services. 

What do you like most about your new job?

I love the people and the company culture here. We really do have so much fun. Its a younger group and completely different from my previous job. Entrada takes care of their employees.

What would you tell your friends about Relode?

I would tell them Relode is super helpful and dedicated to finding positions that are the best fits for their users.









Position: Client Development Specialist

Location: Nashville, TN