Me and my best friend Albert were able to land our dream jobs.
— Peter Callahan

Peter would have never imagined that he, and one of his best friends Albert, would be making their first big move together, to start the jobs of their dreams. When Peter first graduated nursing school, he had no idea what the job search would look like to begin a nursing career. It wasn’t long after that Peter connected with Relode. With Relode, Peter was able to view an entire network of open positions, and quickly found one that he would be perfect for. 

At the click of a button, Peter was referred into Relode's system, and someone in the network reached out to begin the interview and application process. Relode's platform was simple, and made it easy to see what positions were available, apply, or share the right opportunities with his friends.

“It was very low stress. I didn’t get the feeling that Relode was trying to push me into anything. I felt more comfortable asking questions that I normally wouldn’t.” Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, Peter worked directly with an account executive, Jeff. Jeff was able to pulse the entire professional network, and find a fit that would suit his needs perfectly. "Once I got the feel that this position was some where I really wanted to be, I told Relode my best friend Albert was also looking."

"Relode got back to me within a day," Peter told us. Relode set Albert and Peter up with interviews with the department, the team’s on-boarding group, and the floor manager in the hospital. “ Because the process is all automated, I could get updates on when my interview was scheduled, who I would be meeting with etc, right in my inbox. It was really helpful." 

We caught up with Peter later this year, and it turns out he and Albert are bringing three other friends, who got jobs from their referrals, with him.  Relode Agents. Friends helping friends get jobs.









Position: Registered Nurse

Location: Rapid City, SD