Our agent was engaged and wanted to know as much information about the position as possible before he started the search, and he was very thorough.
— Angela Carlson, Controller and Director of HR

Carolina Mens Clinic


Before Relode, it was difficult to quickly come up with viable candidates. We did a couple of ads on indeed and craigslist. We also had one recruiter for higher end recruiting. And of course, using all those resources meant that the information was scattered from here to neverland.


Relode has been extremely useful in keeping all of our information and hiring/candidate materials under one roof. We have had quite a few significant hires that have come from Relode, and received close to 100 candidates through the platform. We just ordered a Physician Assistant. We like that we have the option to do a true medical high level position search through Relode as well.

Carolina Mens Clinic

Client: Angela Carlson

Problem: Specialized Position