The candidate our agent found for us had a great resume, spoke several different languages, had a masters degree, and was really smart. She did a great job of searching out really qualified candidates.”
— Human Capital Administrator, Amy Cunningham

Smile Care Club


Before Relode, we had no filtration system. My email was bombarded with candidates. We had difficulty because we are searching for candidates in so many different markets, and still hiring good people. You can have a lot of candidates, but its been hard to find good people that have the experience and have a great personality to go with it.


With Relode, it is really nice to keep applicants separate and to know that I’m not having to sift through my emails to know who is from where. I can search for candidates in each market and have them all organized. Relode has been the primary source hiring our smile techs, a position which is across the country.


Smile care club

Client: Amy Cunningham

Problem: Hire several roles at once