We haven’t had a recruiter that wasn’t good. Their communication has been really great. I like that Relode is set up like pinterest. We can communicate easily, just like we do with our ATS.
— Julie Pickup, Recruiter

Kootenai Health

THe Challenge

Hiring nurse managers is a challenge for us, as well as hiring for some nursing positions. We are getting a lot more candidates than we did before but we still have a longer delay in hiring nurse managers. Before Relode, we used outsourced headhunting firms. Their fees were upwards of $30k for one candidate.


Relode takes the pressure off of us. We typically have 50-80 recommendations per recruiter that we are sourcing through continually. We have a lot of demand on us, so Relode gives us an extra level of support when looking to fill these positions, almost another set of eyes in the search.


Kootenai health

Client: Julie Pickup

Problem: Specialized Role