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Relode worked with me to understand my need and the business need, versus a resume one to one match.
— Alana Schwamberger, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

How a healthcare company built a digital marketing team overnight

What happened when a new digital channel for connecting consumers with local audiologists needed to bring talent in house and grow a team quickly?After launched nearly 18 months ago, Alana Schwamberger found herself running an entire digital platform with no bandwidth, and no team. Rapid growth was’s goal (they create a familiar process for a consumer to connect with a audiologist provider locally) but a team was needed to sustain its efforts.

That’s when Alana found Relode. Relode worked with Alana to understand yourhearing.coms needs and’s business model. With a platform created to simplify communication, Alana was able to quickly assess the candidates that Relode submitted to her, and based on the summaries attached to each profile, decide who would be the best fit. With an messaging system installed within the platform, Alana could easily communicate with her account executive at Relode to schedule interviews and give feedback. With Relode's technology, Alana could contact the right candidates at the right time, driving her current recruitment efforts, and giving her control over the entire process.

“The timing by which Relode finds candidates matched how we do things efficiently but obviously with growth in mind at the same time here at” says Alana,’s director. “The typical roles that our HR team recruits for were not necessarily the roles we were looking to fill,” Alana said. Relode's unique technology meant that Alana could have specialized, targeted searches based on the type of unique roles she was looking to fill -  digital media implementation specialist and a marketing coordinator role.

Before Relode, Alana had utilized temp to perm placement services to fill her digital marketing needs. The average position would cost her $20,280. With Relode, she was able to cut the cost in half upfront, make a permanent hire that fit’s model and culture, and build the team quickly and efficiently.

Now, with a team of seven digital marketing professionals, has become the key customer resource to connect consumers with an audiologist. “Relode has just been so proactive in helping me get what I need. Even if I wasn’t totally sure what I needed at the time, you help me figure out what that is, and do it quickly.”

Client: Alana Schwamberger

Problem: Five unique digital marketing roles's already existing HR team was not familiar with.

Location: Hoboken, NJ

RELODE SAvings: $20,080