Relode’s platform allows healthcare employers to crowdsource candidate referrals from a community of healthcare professionals through an online marketplace! Healthcare employers have a new option for solving staffing shortages so they can focus on what matters most: excellent patient care. 


Our faith drives us to serve one another - valuing each individual and their contributions. Through the extension of this service, we give our customers an exceptional, personalized experience. We celebrate both individual and team accomplishments, recognizing creativity, leadership and outcome. At the same time, we strive to continually improve through failure, reflection, collaboration and learning. Finally, we commit to share a portion of our profits with organizations committed to helping others.

BRAND Assets

Below are two versions of our logo. Use the format that best fits the colors you're working with. The left logo goes on white or light background and the right logo goes on anything dark. Please do not manipulate the logo in any way.


Heading 1 - Proxima Nova Light / 42px / #555555

Heading 2 - Proxima Nova Light / 24px / #555555

Heading 3 - Proxima Nova Semibold / 15px / #423271

Body Text - Roboto / 16px / #555555