Why We’re Thankful for Our Agents

Nov 11

Agents are the lifeblood of Relode — they’re the reason we can do what we do.

Whether you’re a full-time agent, or recruiting in your free time, we love how all our agents are genuinely passionate about finding their colleagues the best possible healthcare jobs. This year, we wanted to recognize all our amazing agents for their hard work. Here are just a few reasons why we’re thankful for you this year:


Our agents are some of the most creative people we know — we love their innovative ideas for finding great candidates and connecting them to great healthcare jobs. From reaching out to searching candidates on social media to finding friends in need of a new position, we’re thankful our agents are able to find amazing and interesting candidates that are perfect for the jobs we offer.


All our agents are excited about new opportunities and willing to collaborate with the Relode team. We love seeing their enthusiasm when we introduce new jobs and opportunities to Relode (hello Agent Advantage call!), as well as their excitement for sharing new ideas and for learning more about how to be a great agent. Our greatest agents are always positive about their careers and hopeful for the future.


Spirit of honesty here: our agent community is the best! We love hearing their thoughts on our weekly webinar and their willingness to offer advice in the Agent Advantage Facebook group. It’s so encouraging to see our agents come together and share knowledge and tips, as well as hearing their questions about how to become better at what they do. We’re especially thankful for the questions from our agents since they don’t just help one person — they also help us to become a better company and make a more seamless experience for agents, candidates, and employers.


One of our favorite things is when our agents make a successful referral. It not only helps the agent earn rewards, it also helps a candidate find a great job and an employer gain a fantastic employee. So far this year, Relode agents have earned a total of $135,000 in rewards, with much more on the way! Hearing their success stories and recognizing wins is why we’re here, and we’re incredibly grateful to be able to celebrate with our agents every day.


More than anything, we love that our agents are willing to invest time into their careers while helping their network and transforming the healthcare staffing industry. Being a great Relode agent does take some motivation, and it’s inspiring to see how many of our agents are willing to go above and beyond to be successful. Whether it’s taking extra time to fully screen a candidate, or staying in touch with our team to understand more about a job, Relode agents continually strive to be not just good agents, but great ones. By working with candidates to improve their careers, our agents invest in their own personal and professional development and actively reduce healthcare recruiting costs, leading to better opportunities and ultimately, better care.

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Molly Powers