Why Nurses Should Care that 24% of Americans Make Money in the Gig Economy



25% of Americans earn extra money online. According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, about one-quarter of Americans earned money using a digital platform. Americans have taken on side gigs for a long time as a supplement to or replacement for traditional employment. But today's apps and platforms are making it more and more simple for people looking to make extra money to connect with immediate needs.

The report found that 8% of Americans used digital platforms to take on a job or task, like driving for Uber. 18% of Americans were able to make money selling something online, like a used item on eBay or a handmade craft on Etsy.

The reasons people are participating in the "gig economy" are varied as well. Some report doing tasks more as a hobby, saying the additional income is not particularly important to them. Other dedicated platform users rely on income from these platforms for meeting living expenses.

Relode has created a new opportunity for nurses and other healthcare professionals to participate in the gig economy. Professionals can sign up as Agents in Relode's platform and make money by referring friends and colleagues for healthcare jobs. Agents earn an average of $3,500 when they refer someone who gets hired.

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