When Candidate Crowdsourcing Fails

5 common mistakes that can stop a recruitment strategy change in its tracks

Uber, Kickstarter, and countless other modern companies are utilizing crowdsourcing to provide great value for their users. Tools like Relode are allowing healthcare employers to utilize the same crowdsourcing model to improve their hiring process.

Crowdsourcing candidates can produce amazing quality and cost savings results for healthcare employers. But it isn't for everyone. 

Here are a few common obstacles we've seen that you'll want to consider before making a strategy shift involving candidate crowdsourcing: 

  1. Adoption is not a real leadership priority: Your candidate crowdsourcing platform is generating excellent candidate referrals, but your hiring managers aren't reviewing candidates that are coming from the new process. Management needs to ensure buy-in from the whole team.
  2. Unrealistic Expectations: "Hey guys, it's been a week – where is our new Medical Director?" This is still a people business, and people are unpredictable. Candidate crowdsourcing will produce more qualified candidates and save on hiring costs. Start with realistic expectations, and don't ditch the process before it has time to develop.
  3. Leadership believes recruitment processes should be handled 100% internally – despite any costs of reduction in patient care or employee burnout from positions being left open.
  4. You value stability over innovation: Some organizations do things a certain way because it's the way they've always done it. Sourcing the same regurgitated candidates from job boards and incurring exorbitant expenses on staffing firm fees might be worth not having to try something new (we sure hope not).
  5. You're saturated with qualified applicants: Give your recruitment team a high-five. However, if you're like the majority of healthcare employers who are not getting qualified applicants (or any applicants at all) for some positions, it may be time to evaluate new strategies. 

Want to learn more about innovative ways to approach hiring (and avoid common pitfalls)? The team at Relode is continually working to improve hiring efficiency, and we'd love to talk to you. Connect with Jack at jack.pounds@relode.com