How You Can Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

May 14

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So, you’re a new grad or you’re looking for a new job? You’ve submitted applications, perfected your interview skills, and followed up with all of your potential employers. However, you still aren’t landing the jobs that you desire. You’ve revamped your resume to include all of your volunteer work and internships, but no one is knocking at your door or calling you back.

Do you have a Linkedin account? Linkedin is the modern day resume. In fact, more employers are using Linkedin and its keyword search to find potential candidates. A professional LinkedIn profile is imperative for today’s workforce. So, what exactly does one need to have a intriguing Linkedin profile? Let's break down the anatomy of a dynamic Linkedin profile.

What makes a good LinkedIn profile?

A professional headshot. An account with a headshot is 11 times more likely to be viewed than one without it. First impressions are important. Be sure to use a professional headshot and not a selfie.

If you don't yet have the funds to pay for a professional headshot, here’s a hack that you can try: have a friend or family member take your picture with a smartphone or a camera against a light or white background. Be sure the space is clutter free, and use an excellent app to filter the picture, with the goal of getting it to look as professional as possible. Everyone is screaming for a chance, so be sure that your first impression makes the statement that you deserve that chance.

  • Headline. The headline is essentially a 120 character of who you are! The headline’s primary purpose is to get the target audience to want to read on. It’s the second thing that recruiters will see when they come across your profile. Use catchy adjectives to describe who you are. Be creative and unique!
  • Summary. Here is your chance to sell yourself. It should describe who you are, who you are looking to work with, and what you can do for them. Write in the first person and not third. The limit should be 2,000 characters. It is vital that in this section you include your contact information.
  • Experience. Three is the magic number. This is the number of jobs that most people deem as appropriate. You can upload presentation videos, PDF’s, etc. Here is your opportunity to show that you have the experiences and knowledge that your potential employer is seeking. If you are a new grad and don’t have any experience, this where you should list your internships and volunteer experience.
  • Skills and Endorsements. Brag on yourself here. List any and every skill that you have, that’s beneficial to your field. Ask that former supervisors, co-workers, mentors, or those within your industry endorse your skills. Having your skills endorsed is equivalent to having your references checked. Your profile is 13 times more likely to be seen if you have skills listed.
  • Recommendations. These are your references. Recommendations are just as good as having someone call up a reference on a job application. Since people are actually confirming you and your skills by recommending you, this shows that you have made an impression on others whom you have worked with.
  • Accomplishments. Here you list certificates, accomplishments, and courses that you have obtained. This is your chance to boast and brag. Show yourself in a good light! List every and any accomplishment, no matter how grand or mediocre.
  • Publications. If you have had any work published such as blogs, articles, journal entries, etc, this is the place to list them. This is an excellent opportunity to show potential employers that you are versatile and that you bring exciting and outside perspectives. It also showcases your intellectual capabilities.

There are other tools that you can use to optimize your Linkedin:

  1. Share your perspective on what’s going on in your industry
  2. Share publications that you have written
  3. Join groups
  4. Weigh in on industry development

Optimizing your Linkedin account is the new way to land that dream job!

For more tips on how to job search using LinkedIn, head to our complete guide to finding a healthcare job.

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