How Technology is Solving the Nursing Shortage

It’s not a secret that the U.S. is experiencing the worst nursing shortage in decades. There is a desperate need for qualified healthcare professionals, in 2017 alone there were 125.7 million hospital visits, which doesn’t include the millions of people who sought treatment at clinics and other facilities.

At first glance, the nursing shortage has no easy fix.

However, technology has advanced to offer new and innovative solutions for finding qualified nurses and doctors.

Here’s how:

Traditionally, when healthcare employers are searching for talent, they only look in a certain geographical areas, using their in-house talent acquisition teams who spend most of their days wading through and responding to thousands of non-qualified applicants. When they can’t fill the jobs, the employers turn to traditional staffing companies, who also have a building full of recruiters with the same tools, limited access and time to reach out to the same pool of candidates.

By utilizing technology, these closed networks are open, and employers are able to access a larger pool of untapped candidates from across a vast network and the entire country regardless of time and space.

With these open networks comes an even more powerful tool: crowdsourcing.

Most people are familiar with the idea of crowdsourcing — anyone who has backed a kickstarter or read a Yelp review is aware of the power of recommendation. Relode takes the idea of crowdsourcing one step farther, and encourages healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, medical sales reps, human resource, and yes even healthcare recruiters to recommend qualified professionals for employers’ open positions. Instead of a small team of 5-10 recruiters working on your job, thousands of people immediately start looking to fill your job with their own tools and local networks.

The idea of crowdsourcing ties in to In this whitepaper from BazaarVoice, many people (and especially Millennials) are much more likely to buy into a product or service when they know others have favorably reviewed it. This idea applies to healthcare. When an employer knows that the person they’re interviewing has been recommended by a qualified nurse or doctor, they are more likely to view that candidate favorably, and beyond that, be reassured that the person is going to be a great fit.

While the end of the nurse shortage isn’t currently in sight, technology is already helping to close the gaps in hiring shortages, and is helping employers fill open positions with better qualified employees, recommended by top healthcare talent.

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