When Wearing Many Hats Leads to Success

If you’re looking for a Relode agent who’s absolutely passionate about helping people find jobs, Peyton is your guy.

“I love helping people get jobs!” he says.

Like many of our agents, Peyton came to Relode in a decidedly non-traditional way.

He first became interested in recruiting after working at a startup, where he became used to wearing a lot of hats. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” he says. As the only non-developer on a three person team, he was responsible for sales, and for growing the internal team. As part of this role, he eventually brought the company from three to 17 employees.

During the recruiting process, Peyton found that he loved finding candidates so much that he launched his own healthcare recruiting business. “I never thought I’d enjoy recruiting but then I realized I love helping people find jobs and chatting with people,” he says.

Peyton was looking for ways to expand his recruiting talents, but his requirements were specific: to have his own company while not having to drive to find jobs. He also hated the way the current job search market was set up for healthcare professionals and was looking for a new solution. Relode was the perfect fit. “It allows me to expand and grow my business and I just have to find candidates,” he says.

After only a few months as an agent, Peyton had already made his first hire, and has a number of other great candidates in process. “It was a Director of Quality Management position in Arizona. I talked with her and she seemed like a great fit,” he says. “There was a quick turnaround [working with Relode]. I like helping other people challenge themselves, and I like that I can pick and choose what roles I want to go after,” he says.

When describing Relode to candidates, Peyton helps the candidates understand exactly what the platform does, and makes sure to follow up with them, whether they get the job or not. “I’ll comfort them even if they don’t get the job. Then I can place them in the perfect job — I have a lot of good candidates! It’s really beneficial for all parties,” he says.

Peyton still enjoys hearing about people’s issues, listening to what they want, and connecting them to great jobs. “You really get to change people’s lives, help them move up, and give them hope that they have a great skill set,” he says. “I get to be the person that actually responds to the email and make people feel better. I love being part of that process.”

Becoming a Relode agent is rewarding in more ways than one. You’ll help healthcare professionals connect to jobs and earn rewards when your candidates are hired. Sign up to become an agent or make a referral to get started!

We also invite you to learn more about what it takes to be a Relode agent with our getting started guide, or you can read more success stories about how agents like Brandon and Vickie have found success.

Molly Powers