Top 10 Social Networks for Recruiting Candidates

Image credit: Deposit Photos

Image credit: Deposit Photos

While the top places to recruit job candidates online are social profiles (especially LinkedIn), other networks provide a great source for finding great candidates (like job boards, career pages, and corporate alumni associations). 

With all these out there, it’s important to note that according to one survey, social media is the most common and most effective place to recruit candidates. 

In fact, social is so important to recruiting now that before making a final decision on a new hire, 93 percent of surveyed recruiters will look at a social profile of the candidate.

So which social networks are on the top?


Top Social Professional Networks

LinkedIn is by far the top social network for recruiting job candidates:
1. Linked (94% said they use it for recruiting)
2. Facebook (66%)
3. Twitter (52%)
4. Google+ (21%)
5. RSS (20%) 
6. YouTube (15%)

Other social candidate sources include

7. GitHub
8. Xing
9. StackOverFlow

What’s the most effective social network you’ve found for recruiting candidates online? Drop us a line.