Why a Shared Mission Creates Culture

Mar 29

As an entrepreneur, one of the questions I get asked a lot is how to create a great culture at your company. Company culture is arguably one of the most important part of a successful business, but it’s also one of the more difficult aspects of a company to define.

While it’s not exactly a secret that just providing a ping pong table and free lunches don’t equal a winning company culture, defining what actually does create good culture can be surprisingly challenging.

This question has been on my mind often as we expand our team beyond the four walls of the Relode office. Since we now have remote employees (not to mention our agent network), I’ve realized how important it is to maintain a sense of shared culture across all locations.

After working with hundreds of companies and helping them find great talent, I’ve come to the conclusion that the hands-down most important part of creating a shared culture is having a shared mission and vision.

Relode's mission

For us, that mission is to disrupt the healthcare recruiting industry while setting a new standard of service, value, and innovation. We’ve lived in the traditional staffing industry and have seen firsthand how broken and inefficient the process is, and we see the potential for change and innovation in this space.

This means we’re all in, all the time. We’re constantly training and taking classes to create a culture where we’re learning, growing, and innovating. We’re pushing each other to grow, not just internally, but also in the way we communicate with recruiters, nurses, HCIT, and other professionals. It creates a culture where I’m constantly inspired by my colleagues, and I hope I’m inspiring them.

The secret to company culture

I see the key to creating a great shared culture as inviting your staff to work for something bigger than themselves. For us, it’s about changing people’s lives by giving them a job, and also making a difference globally through our partnership with Mercy Ships. Whatever you do, find your mission, the core reason why you do what you do, and encourage your staff to rally around that vision. When they do, you’ll be surprised how much your company will grow.