How One RN Found Room to Grow Her Career with Relode

Rochelle is an RN, and she found her current position by way of Relode. “I’m actually about to get promoted to Director of Nursing,” she shares, beaming with excitement about her ability to advance in a job she’s enjoying. “I’m so happy! It’s been a great fit here culturally, colleagues and more,” Hray says of her position. We’re excited to talk with Rochelle Hray about how Relode helped her find a role in which she’s happy and fulfilled, and to find out if she’d recommend Relode to friends and colleagues.

How did you hear about Relode?

I heard about Relode through one of the Account Executives that reached out to me.

What do you think of Relode compared to traditional hiring?

Funny you ask that. I was just speaking with my manager yesterday, who was saying how great of a job Relode has done finding candidates who fit the culture and are passionate about the work. Relode is different than traditional hiring because they focus on making sure that it’s the right fit for everyone. They’re not just shoving resumes through the door trying to get a placement. They’re taking the time to find the best jobs possible for everyone. It’s a team effort.

I also felt that my Account Executive made a great connection with the hiring manager at my current employer, so when I talked to the Account Executive, I knew right away that she would be the perfect fit. Also, I joined Relode with another girl, and we’re both still here with one on the way! We’re excited to add new Relode team members to our team!”

How was the process?

The process was great, and I felt like I was in the loop the whole way through. It was very hands-on, which was great because I never felt in the dark.

Would you tell your friends about Relode?


__How was your relationship with the Account Executive? __

My relationship with my Account Executive was great! They were honest about the process, which I really liked, and open in communicating what was going on the whole time. They also were on top of making sure that it was a seamless experience for both the client and candidate. I loved it and would recommend it for everyone!

Any advice for new Relode candidates searching for jobs?

I would say that it is important to pay attention to the hiring manager’s expectations, desires and interests of the person you’ll be working with to make sure it’s a good fit. I knew immediately that I would love my job because of how passionate and dedicated everyone was to their work. It was so inspiring. I’m really happy here!

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Relode Team