Rewriting the Healthcare Narrative with Mercy Ships

In a world where over 5 billion people lack access to safe, timely, and affordable surgeries, Mercy Ships is uniquely positioned to help the millions who live within 100 miles of the African coast.

Mercy Ships has been offering free surgical care in underserved areas for more than forty years. The nurses, doctors, and staff members are dedicated to caring to marginalized people who may be ostracized from their communities due to physical deformities. By looking their patients in the eye and reaching out a helping hand, these nurses and doctors are able to send a message of hope — they demonstrate that each person is seen, valued, and worthy of high-quality care.

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The more we learned about Mercy Ships’ mission, the more we knew we had to be involved. At Relode, we work every day to make the healthcare hiring process better for facilities and for candidates. When we heard about Mercy Ships, we knew we could use our talent for finding great people for great jobs to help the people who desire to serve aboard Mercy Ships.

Over the past year, we've been able to allocate a percentage of every dollar made through Relode to support Mercy Ships. These funds have gone towards scholarships for those who feel called to serve on Mercy Ships in any capacity, from electricians and AV techs to nurses and dentists. We've had the privilege of supporting volunteers like Susy, Desleigh, and many others.

How do Interactions with Relode Bless Mercy Ships?

We’re dedicated to making the hiring process easier, and when you give us a job, find a great job, or refer a candidate through Relode, you’ll also be helping Mercy Ships bless others in need.

Here’s how:

  • You interact with Relode — whether you’re applying for jobs or referring friends and colleagues, every transaction through Relode is an opportunity to give back.
  • Relode donates to Mercy Ships to cover travel costs for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to get to the ship.
  • Mercy Ships is able to send more volunteers to offer free, life-saving surgeries and help those in need make progress towards a brighter future.

The more you use Relode for hiring or referring, the more we’re able to equip these amazing healthcare professionals with the resources to travel to where they are needed.

If you want to help Mercy Ships through Relode, refer candidates to permanent, contract, or locum positions. You can also refer volunteers to serve on Mercy Ships missions!

To donate directly to Mercy Ships, head here to discover ways you can give!

Relode + Mercy Ships. One way to make healthcare recruitment all better.

Molly Powers