Relode Update: Rusty Rueff to Advisory Board, HRO Today Award & 336 Clients

by Matt Tant
29 May 2015

I’m excited to share Relode’s progress since we launched Marketplace, our first tool, a few months ago on February 9th, 2015.

The momentum is building and excitement is in the air!

We have conducted hundreds of meetings with various clients: small business owners, independent recruiters, large corporations, HR teams, restaurant managers, Avon ladies, college students, CEOs, VC firms, startups and many others. Everyone shares the same frustrations when it comes to hiring, but Relode is on a mission to build simple and modern software products and mobile applications to make the process of finding and organizing candidates modern and delightful!

Below is a quick update of some of the exciting things we would like to share.

Relode Update: February To April (Our First Three Months Live)

Clients and Tasks

  • Number of clients: 336
  • Total tasks ordered: 123 tasks 
    • February – 31
    • March – 41
    • April – 51
  • Average number of tasks per client: 1.73 tasks per client
  • Tasks broken down by industry.
    • Health care: 41 tasks
    • Administration: 21 tasks
    • Information Technology: 16 tasks
    • Accounting: 8 tasks
    • Nursing: 6 tasks
    • Restaurant/Food Service: 4 tasks
    • HR: 3 tasks
    • Recruiting: 3 tasks
    • Other industries (1-2 tasks each): 21 tasks
  • Total job candidates delivered: 380 candidates and resumes
    • 152 verified candidates 
    • 228 qualifed resumes

Relode Agents

  • Average agent rating: 4.75 out of 5
  • Agent coverage: Relode agents cover all 50 states (and live in 31 states)
  • Total agents: 63 agents
    • 3 elite level
    • 16 associate level
    • 44 professional level
  • Average agents joining Relode each week: 6 new agents per week

Relode Team

  • 1 intern
  • 2 part-time
  • 9 full-time

Since launch in February, we’ve learned a lot and focused our efforts to focus on a few major industries and our new product that we call "workspace" that we can’t wait to release this summer!

Software Launch Celebration In Park City, Utah

To celebrate our launch, the staff hit the slopes of Park City, Utah. Jason went skiing for the first time, and I took a nice fall, which we captured on camera. You can watch the GoPro footage of my fall at 0:55 seconds here.

Welcomed Brennon, Chad And Hunter To Relode

Since the launch we’ve added Chad Harrington and Hunter Mize to the Relode Team. Chad Harrington writes words for us. Coming from the nonprofit world, he’s excited to join the business world as a content creator. Hunter joined the team as our Marketing Director. He comes to us from Cicayda, among other entrepreneurial endeavors he's touched over the years. Let's just say, we’re ready for what's next!

Announcement Of Rusty Rueff As New Member To Board Of Advisors

Rusty Rueff of Glassdoor joined the Relode advisory board. He currently serves on the board of directors at HireVue, Inc.Bookshout! (also a co-founder), runcoachworkboard and he's Chairman of the Board at 1-Page as well.

We are very excited to have Rusty join! He is a thought leader and industry expert on HR, talent acquisition and startups. Most importantly, his faith, values and servant heart align perfectly with our team. Having someone of Rusty’s caliber partner with us to help think through our strategy and product development is truly a blessing from above!

Award From HRO Today: 'Innovation In HR Technology'

I had the honor of flying to Philadelphia for the HRO Today awards ceremony on May 4th. Sponsors included the most prominent providers, technology firms and advisors in HR outsourcing, technology and consulting firms. The "Innovation in HR Technology" award is given to a company with a new idea, device or process within HR technology systems.

This award is an outstanding accomplishment for our team, and we are humbled and grateful to even be considered at such an early stage in our company’s journey! Thank you to HRO Today and all of the sponsors who made this possible for us!

Product Update And Moving Forward

Our team is feverishly working to finish the first iteration of Relode's "Workspace," our newest product that will make finding and organizing job candidates modern and delightful! You could call it a modern, mobile and digital filing cabinet for people management tasks (candidates, applicants, employees, affiliates, etc.). Your whole team can provide input in one place. 

Imagine a collaborative workspace where it's simple and easy to see all your job openings and quickly get candidates into your "digital filing cabinet" with the click of a button. Drag in a document or just forward it from your email. We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Imagine a world where you don’t have hundreds of resumes piled up in your inbox, where you don't have to search through your archives to find your notes on old candidates.

No more imagining; that's what were making in Relode's Workspace!

The excitement and momentum for Workspace are building, and we have already 100+ companies and professionals who will join our beta group in June. 

Thanks for your support thus far! Excited to be on the journey with you!

  ~  Matt and the Relode team

P.S. - I want to hear your thoughts, concerns and questions. Feel free to leave comments or email me at