Relode Update: Growth, Travels & Beta News

I’m very excited to share Relode’s progress since my last update in May. We’re growing every day, and I can hardly sleep with excitement about what’s coming next month when we release Workspace, a modern way to organize job candidates (or, as some have called it, “Pinterest meets recruiting”). 

Our development team is working night and day to bring this product to life and to make it awesome. We’re exhausting ourselves to tell the world about Relode, because we are passionate about fixing a broken system and making our clients into raving fans!   

Relode is on mission to build software and mobile applications to make the process of finding and organizing candidates simple and enjoyable! Below is a quick update of some of the exciting things we'd like to share.

Relode Update

Stats as of 30 June 2015:

  • New clients since last update: 20 new clients
  • Total number of clients who have ordered multiple tasks: 33 clients
  • Total job candidates delivered: 862 total candidates and resumes
    • 301 verified candidates
    • 561 qualified resumes 
  • Average agent star rating: 4.76 out of 5
  • Total agents: 68 agents
    • 3 elite level
    • 18 associate level
    • 47 professional level
  • Relode Team
    • 2 office pets
    • 3 interns
    • 4 company bikes
    • 10 full-time employees

Since launch in February, we’ve learned a lot and focused our efforts to focus on a few major industries and our new product that we call "Workspace" that we can’t wait to release this summer! 

Record-Breaking Days

We had our two best days the same week in June, and July is already off to a record start with our best day yet—over $2,500 in tasks ordered in one day! 


Brennon and I headed west to San Francisco, then south to Atlanta to continue to spread the word about Relode and to share our story. I must say, everyone is extremely excited about what we are building and the momentum grows each day. We conducted almost 20 presentations to clients, advisors, investors, agents, and everyone in between. The consensus is that everyone is looking for a new and alternative way to find candidates that is modern and enjoyable, including top fortune 100 companies down to mom-and-pop franchise owners who have nothing.  

Next on the books is Orlando, New York and back out to San Francisco for some follow up meetings. Southwest Airlines, here we come! 

Added To Sales Team

Intern Bike

Intern Bike

We’re growing every day. Last month, we added our newest employee, Jenny Hamrick, who is joining the sales team. Excited to see what she’s already adding to our team.

Beta Coming This Month For Select Clients

By the end of the summer, we'll release our first Software as a Service (SaaS) product that gives anyone access to our platform, which helps people and companies organize job candidates. This is a “freemium” SaaS product, meaning that we will always offer a free version with the option to upgrade to add additional features for premium and business accounts.  

We are also completely changing our current website to a new, fresh design led by Hunter Mize. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for our new look and latest updates. In order to gain early access to Workspace, sign up here.

Thanks for your support thus far! Excited to be on the journey with you!

~  Matt and the Relode team

P.S. - I want to hear your thoughts, concerns, and questions. Feel free to leave comments below or email me at