Relode Update for October: We're Live!

Matt Tant
8 October 2015

I’m excited to share Relode’s progress over the last month!

Last month was the calm before the storm with lots of new product development and preparation for go-live. Just this week we released our primary product and software platform that we have been dreaming about for so long. It is a dream come true, and now, you can be a part of that dream by signing up and trying it for yourself, FREE!

The big update is that our updated platform is live and I can't wait to tell the world!

Relode is the simplest platform to find and organize candidates.

Relode Update: September Stats

  • Biggest month ever! $14,125 in new tasks
  • Total number of clients who have ordered multiple tasks: 44 clients
  • Total job candidates delivered: 1182 total candidates and resumes
    • 484 verified candidates
    • 698 qualified resumes
  • New clients in September: 46 new clients
  • Total agents: 79 agents
    • 11 elite level
    • 21 associate level
    • 55 professional level
  • Average agent star rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Relode Team:
    • 1 advisory board member
    • 2 part-time employees (1 international teammate in Honduras ☺)
    • 10 full-time employees
  • Relode Bests (through September 30th)
    • Total tasks in one day: 19
    • Total appointments in one week: 61
    • Client sign-ups in one week: 48
    • Total gross billings in one day: $9250
    • Agent sign-ups in one week: 4

Setting Goals for the Next Sixth Months

I'm a goals kind of guy, and I want to share some of our company goals with you. 

We've spent so much time working towards our goals for this year, and since we've made our software publicly available, now they're possible! Here's what we're shooting for in the next six months:

  • 20,000 Free Users Signed Up
  • 1,000 Paid Professional Level Users
  • 1,000 Paid Business Level Users 

Did I mention signup's free?!

On-site Visit from Rusty Rueff

Last week we had the honor of hosting our rock-star advisory board member, Rusty Rueff. We're so blessed to have him on our on advisory board, and even more blessed to get to spend quality time with him here in Nashville, TN where our entire team got to spend time with him.  He had the opportunity to share his life and his vocational journey with us, and it was inspiring to all!  

In fact, it inspired one of our staff to write a piece called, "Two Questions Rusty Rueff Asked Every Employee as CEO."


I can't wait to hear what you think of our new product! I've been blown away by the positive response I've gotten from literally almost 100 percent of the companies and people to whom I've had the opportunity to demonstrate it. 

Thanks for your support so far!

 ~ Matt and the Relode team

P.S. - New users: Please let me know what you think of Relode! You can email me personally here.