Relode Update for August: Beta Released, New Site Launched, and New Records Achieved

by Matt Tant 
4 August 2015

I’m pumped about Relode’s progress over the last month! Every week feels like a new wave of growth. 

For example, last week 15 orders came in from our clients, the most we've had in one week! This month, we hope to do even better. In addition to new growth in tasks orders, we on-boarded 68 beta clients into our new workspace platform, and another 100+ companies have already pre-committed for workspace Pro!

As always, Relode is on a mission to change the world by making finding and organizing candidates modern and enjoyable. We are Recruiting Reimagined!

Below is a quick update of some of the exciting things we would like to share from the last month at Relode. 

August Updates

  • New clients since last update: 80 new clients
  • Total number of clients who have ordered multiple tasks: 35 clients
  • Total job candidates delivered: 937 total candidates and resumes
    • 343 verified candidates
    • 594 qualified resumes
  • Average agent star rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Total agents: 73 agents
    • 3 elite level
    • 19 associate level
    • 51 professional level
  • Relode Team: 10 full-time employees
  • Clients who have already signed up for workspace beta: 68
  • Companies committed for workspace seats (but not yet signed up): 100+ companies.
  • Relode records
    • Total tasks in one day: 7 tasks
    • Total appointments set in one week: 61 appointments
    • Client sign-ups in one week: 42 clients
    • Total Gross Billings in one day: $ 2,500
    • Agent sign-ups in one week: 3 agents
    • Main page site audience size in one month: 1650 visits (April 2015)
    • Blog site traffic in one month: 1535 sessions (July 2015)
    • New users to blog in one month: 1272 new users (July 2015)

Here's a few more highlights from August!

1. Beta Sign-Ups, Commitments, and Coming Product Launch

Although in just a few short weeks we will release workspace Pro—the newest Relode tool that helps you organize job candidates—we released it to over 50 companies in July to a small group (for testing). They are as excited as we are, and the early reports have been amazing! Read more about the features on Relode’s new site, and get early access here:

Workspace is a modern candidate management system that allows you to organize every candidate in your reach—passive candidates, new applicants, and referrals—all in one place.

2. New Site Launch! 

I'm proud to show off our new home page that our Marketing Director, Hunter Mize, launched this week. Hunter worked hard with our team to make our new site clearer, sharper, and even more helpful for our users. 

Learn more than ever about Relode by visiting our site here:

What's new? Gain early access to workspace, engage our on-demand agents (not new), sign up to demo our platform, learn more about our software via FAQs, and connect with our team through the new site!

3. Highlight of the week: 15 tasks!


We rang the gong 15 times last week, more than any other week in Relode history! We right the gong (see picture on the right) every time a client orders a task. Last week we sold 15 tasks, so 15 times we rang the gong.

Also, we play a song by Sebastian Ingrosso and sing it every time we receive a task. Just wanted to let you know the joy you bring us when you buy a task.

Matt Tant

Matt Tant

Thanks for your support thus far! Excited to be on the journey with you!

~  Matt and the Relode team

P.S. - I want to hear your thoughts, concerns and questions. Feel free to leave comments or email me at