How Tayana Supplements Her Income With Relode

Meet Tayana, who works in healthcare recruiting full-time and has enjoyed supplementing her income by matching great candidates with jobs on Find out why she loves the flexibility and income provides.

What’s your occupation?

I am the executive recruiter at a healthcare recruiting agency for healthcare providers — I actually own the company. I walked away from my full-time nursing position to pursue my passion of helping other healthcare providers meet their next career goals. I am working with Relode for extra income and to help others.

How did you hear about Relode?

I was interested in Relode because it offered a lot of other opportunities that weren’t out there on job boards. I felt it would be a good opportunity to explore considering I was working full-time as a recruiter.

“I was interested in Relode because it offered a lot of other opportunities that weren’t out there on job boards.” — Tayana Meridy

How did you know that your candidate would be a good fit for this job?

The job description on Relode was helpful because it offered clear direction to what the client was looking for, so I knew she would work out because she met the qualifications!

What do you think of Relode compared to other traditional healthcare recruiting agencies?

As a recruiter, Relode is a great supplement to earning additional income. It allows me to work whenever and wherever I want and earn good money since I am working part-time right now.

How was the process?

The process was easy and efficient. One of the account executives who worked this role was great in communicating quickly and made the process stress-free on my end. I was kept very up to date the entire time in my candidate’s progress from Relode’s emails and status bar update in their system.

Would you suggest Relode to your friends?

Yes, I would suggest Relode with my friends. It’s a great way to earn money and an easy process that takes little time to complete compared to other recruiting agencies.

What tips and tricks would you offer other Relode Recruiters?

I would say that having a good relationship with your account executive will help a lot when making a hire. My account executive offered insight, answered my questions quickly and was so nice to work with!

How did you establish this relationship with your account executive?

I just picked up the phone and called her. As a recruiter, I wanted to learn more about who I would be working with and more about the company. After our phone call, we were both on the same page, and the process moved quickly because of that. I would recommend that everyone call their account executive to learn more about who they’re working with!

What advice would you offer new Relode Recruiters?

Be consistent in your work and creative in finding candidates!

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Relode Team