3 Solid Pieces of Advice for Health Care Recruiting

A Conversation with Claudia Nakasone, Recruiter

I had the opportunity to interview Claudia Nakasone, recruitment leader for Children's Hosptial of Orange County (CHOC), and she shared her top three pieces of advice for other healthcare recruiters, as well as an unexpected key to candidate experience.

Chad Harrington
17 February 2016

My full article featuring Claudia Nakasone's work at CHOC is available on The Undercover Recruiter. What I did not include in that piece was her general advice to other healthcare recruitment professionals. 

Here's her top three pieces of advice for others in her position, working in the day-to-day fields of healthcare recruitment:

  • Be in as many different places as possible
  • Candidate experience is vital
  • Set up “talent communities” (aka your pipelines)

1. Be in as many different places as possible

“It kind of goes hand-in-hand. You want the candidates to be in as many different places as they can, but the recruiters have to be out there and have to be out there in as many different places as they can. Recruiting has changed tremendously with technology and social media. That has just changed the whole world of recruiting with big volume. 

“Be in every different phase of a person’s career. We go to schools, we go to specialty conferences—we do the in person and the electronic social media.”

2. Candidate experience is vital

“A candidate can go to 10 different places in a short time, so that means they have the ability to reach out to that many people and employers. So as the employer, we have to keep that in mind, and we have to react a little quicker.” 


With regard to the unexpected key to candidate experience, I could write more; instead, I'll let Claudia tell you in her own words:


3. Set up “talent communities” (aka your pipelines)

“Pipelines are people we come in contact with who may not be a good fit for the position they’re applying for, but we’ll keep them in mind for another job.”

More on the candidate experience...

If you missed it, check out the full write up on Claudia Nakasone, which I'm publishing on The Undercover Recruiter.


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