53 Pieces of Advice from 18 Healthcare Recruitment Leaders

A Conversation with Healthcare Recruitment Professionals

For our healthcare and hiring series, I interview healthcare practitioners, those who are getting it done on the front lines of healthcare recruitment. I asked 18 healthcare recruitment leaders their advice for others in their same position. Here’s what they said.

Chad Harrington

Image credit: Deposit Photos

Image credit: Deposit Photos


1. Dennis Yee, Recruiter for Valley Children's Hospital 


Top 3 pieces of advice for healthcare recruiters:

  1. Build your network and continue building your network
  2. Get involved in your professional community
  3. Celebrate victories and recharge

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2. Jerry Davis, Recruiter for Adventist Health System 


Top 3 pieces of advice recruiting for faith-based hospitals:

  1. Don’t settle. You might find a candidate that has the skills, but if you don’t have a connection with a mission, it’s not a good fit.
  2. Be genuinely yourself. Don’t tell someone you’re going to follow up if you’re not actually going to. It provides good faith. 
  3. Be persistent. People get busy, so you have to continually pursue them.

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3. Michael Cartwright, CEO and Co-founder of American Addiction Centers 


Top 3 pieces of advice for other CEOs in Addiction Treatment:

  1. The number one thing is, Do you have the right clinical team in place?
  2. The next thing, Do you have the right sales and marketing team in place to help keep your place filled up? 
  3. Then, number three, Do you have the right CFO and accounting staff in place to make sure you’re managing your money properly? 

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4. Claudia Nakasone,Recruitment Leader for Children's Hosptial of Orange County


3 Solid Pieces of Advice for Health Care Recruiting

  1. Be in as many different places as possible
  2. Candidate experience is vital
  3. Set up “talent communities” (aka your pipelines)

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5. Cindy Bagwell, VP of Talent Acquisition for Geisinger Health System


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for other Talent Acquisition professionals

  1. Don’t settle if a candidate’s not a good fit
  2. Build a strong team and support them
  3. Celebrate individual’s successes

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6. Kyle Bohannon, FastMed Urgent Care CEO 


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for CEOs of Urgent Care Clinics

  1. Have passion for your service and your business
  2. Fill your company with the best people
  3. Always ensure your growth is occurring in a managed way

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7. John Howlett, Manager of Talent Acquisition for Advocate Health Care


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for other recruitment leaders in a health system

  1. Communicate with leaders and be forward-thinking
  2. Constantly re-engage your recruitment staff
  3. Understand your business and your metrics

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8. Paulette Poplin-Cook, Head of Recruitment for Infinity HomeCare


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for home health recruiters

  1. To be successful, it takes a collaborative effort
  2. Gain hiring manager’s trust and truly understanding what they are looking for
  3. Frequently connect with your hiring leaders

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9. Kate McEachern, Director of Human Resources for Marathon Health


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Healthcare Recruiters

  1. Take care of your recruiting team 
  2. Perfect the candidate experience
  3. Implement top technology

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10. Mandy Nelson, Director of Human Resources at Premier Health


Top 3 Pieces of Advice for other HR Directors in Healthcare

  1. Personally know the areas you’re hiring for
  2. Nothing is better than face-to-face in recruitment interactions
  3. Conduct face-to-face orientations as much as possible

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11. Matt Marconi, Director of Talent Acquisition for Greystone Healthcare Management


3 pieces of advice to revolutionize your healthcare hiring process

  1. Create an employee referral program
  2. Make sure you have a top of the line Applicant Tracking System
  3. To have buy-in from all the customers

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12. Marc Turner, Greenhouse CEO


Top 3 pieces of advice for other CEOs in addiction treatment

  1. Have a very good process for keeping your candidates engaged with you as you go through the process
  2. Have a very good on-boarding process, where it’s very clear that people are learning the culture and feel of the organization
  3. Check in with your new employees that their learning needs are being met and that they felt that they had made the right decision in coming to join the team

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13. Jennifer Mattucci, Director of Talent Acquisition at Beaumont Health


Top 3 pieces of advice for other directors of TA

  1. Focus on employee referrals--build an effective program that rewards employees to refer
  2. Always be searching for ways to improve the candidate experience
  3. Identify innovative ways to have a presence where the candidates are...social media!

14. Grace Moffitt, Executive Director for Talent Management at Cone Health


Top advice for other healthcare recruitment executives

  1. Be innovative
  2. Use all means available to recruit

15. Marianne Salerno, Director Recruitment and Retention at HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley


Top three pieces of advice for directors of recruitment

  1. Have a commitment to staff
  2. When you’re going to do the postings, focus on what’s great about the position and facility
  3. Advertise on social

16. Thad Tindall, Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services Recruitment and Resource Center at Indiana University Health


Top 3 pieces of advice for other HR leaders in nursing recruitment

  1. Remain flexible in healthcare right now
  2. Keep an open mind to new ways of recruiting
  3. Do what you can to help your leadership team focus on retention

17. Sarah Currier, Director of Workforce Development at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


Top 3 pieces of advice for change management in recruitment

  1. Just try it
  2. Hire for attitude and train for skill
  3. Treat people like they always have choices—because they always do

18. Brittany Winter, Recruiter for Community Care Home Health Services


Top 3 pieces of advice for home health recruiters

  1. Be patient
  2. Be consistent with follow up
  3. Watch your tone of voice

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What healthcare recruitment advice would you offer to others in your position? Drop us a line here.