Read These 16 Books To Start a Healthy Business

by the Relode Team (Matt, Joe, Jason, Josh, Brennon and Chad)
4 May 2015

Read these 16 books, and you'll be ready to start a healthy business. Okay, no single book (or list of books) will fully prepare you to launch a healthy company, but reading them will definitely help. A lot.

Healthy things grow, so if you're business is healthy, then you will be more likely to succeed in meeting your business goals. 


After our personal experiences and the wise people who have spoken into our lives, these books have given our team the inspiration and knowledge necessary to launch Relode.

We're thankful for having read these books and we think you’ll be thankful for having read them too.

As a startup, we’ve compiled the best books in our collecive library. These books are well-researched, informative and practical. So if you’re a startup (or even just a growing company), we offer this list to you, so you'll be better prepared for the entrepreneurial journey. And the journey is a blast, especially when you do your homework.

Our Top 16 Startup Books

What books do you recommend for startups? We'll add them to our list.

Relode is a modern way to find and organize job candidates, and we're changing the way the world hires. (We do not necessarily agree with everything stated within these resources - we just like them.)

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