Professional Matchmaker: A Conversation with Torry Corbett

Since eHarmony announced its expansion into the recruiting space two years ago, the connections between dating and recruiting have been enumerated in detail. Many have written on the connections between these two "fields," but few have made the claim of being a recruiting matchmaker. 

Enter stage left: Torry Corbett, Relode's agent of the month, a recruiting matchmaker.

We highlight top Relode agents every month for our agent spotlight, which gives readers an opportunity to get to know our top performing agents.

We like to let our agents shine, so here's Torry Corbett, one of our "professional matchmakers." Congrats to Torry, our agent of the month for September! Below is exactly what makes her so great at connecting great talent with great companies.

Tell us about yourself and why you joined Relode.

Tory Corbett: I have been in the recruiting and staffing industry for over fifteen years. The past few years I have been working on my own from a home office and Relode is the perfect way for me to stay busy and meet new clients. 

How do you establish a positive rapport with your clients?

Communication! I check in regularly while completing a search to let my client know
1. How the search is going,
2. hat I am finding in the market place, and
3. Double checking the criteria and confirming that we are on the right track.

What's your secret to finding the right candidates?

My network. I try to stay as connected as possible in my targeted industries, so that I know who is looking to make a move and who is coming on the market. Communication is the key once again. I help people network with other professionals daily so that people will help me network to the right candidate when I need them. 

What sets you apart as a recruiter?

My years of experience, coupled with my attention to my clients and candidates. I want people to know that I am working for them. That kind of attention helps me receive quite a bit of referral business. 

If you could make up a title for yourself, what would it be?

Professional Matchmaker :)

What have customers said about their experience working with you?

“I have worked with Torry Corbett on several occasions when I have been in need of staffing. She provided me with quality people, some of whom we have hired on as full-time staff. She is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her.”

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