Place More Candidates with the Agent Advantage Group

Oct 26

You’re thinking the question every new agent is thinking: “What makes a successful Relode agent?”

The initial decision to become a Relode agent is an easy one — with the potential to earn rewards up to $10,000 just for connecting your colleagues to great healthcare jobs, there’s no reason not to become an agent — but sometimes new agents do struggle to find both quick wins and long-term success.

By the time you implement these tips, you won’t be the new agent that struggles. Instead, you’ll be referring more candidates and earning more rewards!

The Secret to Being a Successful Agent

Our agents are professionals like you — a network of doctors, nurses, and others who are passionate about helping their colleagues find the best jobs in healthcare, and earning rewards for finding great candidates. Today, the Relode agent community is made up of over 20,000 agents, and the number is growing significantly every day. Relode agents are uniquely positioned to improve and revitalize the healthcare industry.

By leveraging connections with friends, peers, and colleagues, agents are not only able to advance their own professional reputations and monetize their network, they’re also empowering those who provide care to do what they do best by connecting them to great healthcare jobs.

That’s why we created the Agent Advantage Group — to give agents like you the best chance to succeed, and to help you become a great agent, not just a good one.

Designed to be the most helpful resource for agents, the Agent Advantage Group offers all agents a community that works together to share resources so that everyone — candidates, employers, agents— wins.

So, How Can the Agent Advantage Group Help You?

Insider Access — This group doesn’t just function as a passive space for agents to gather; instead, we’re constantly offering insights into new jobs and opportunities. One of the best ways we do this is through our Agent Advantage Call, which highlights new and fast-moving healthcare jobs, spotlights hidden gems that offer great rewards, and introduces new markets so you can get a jump on finding candidates. It also provides tips and tricks from the Relode team about how to be a more successful agent.

Empowers Success — The Agent Advantage Group is the perfect place to share and celebrate your successes. We love hearing stories from agents about the candidates they placed and the rewards they’ve earned, and will even feature these agents on our blog and other social channels.

Grows Your Network — the connections you make in the Agent Advantage group will allow you to expand your network and more easily find and refer candidates. If you have questions, other agents are happy to share advice and tips about how they were able to find their rewards.

Nurtures Your Career — Our team at Relode exists to help you be the most successful agent possible. That’s why we focus on making sure you know you’re appreciated and valued. We are always available to answer questions or provide insights into new jobs or help you maximize your experience with the Relode platform. We’re truly here to help you in whatever way we can so you can focus on finding candidates and earning more.

Being a great Relode agent doesn’t mean being an island. Agents who disconnect from the Relode team and the Agent Advantage Community are at a very literal disadvantage when it comes to hearing about new opportunities and hidden gems — which also has an impact on their reward-earning potential.

Molly Powers