Out of the Stone Age: Simple Payroll for Startups

Over the last year, ZenPayroll saved me thousands of dollars, precious hours every week, and headaches every payroll period.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to deal with major payroll problems in the past. ZenPayroll solved those issues for me, and I'm so thankful for that. I can now focus on our clients, products, and services, not on payroll. I currently lead a software startup, Relode, and ZenPayroll is by far the best solution I've found.

And I've looked long and hard for the right solution.

Try frustrating interviews, long hours of research, and difficult payroll representatives. Those payroll headaches are gone.

I still remember the pain of one payroll problem in particular. One of my startups was fined $570 for a simple mistake. That mistake took me hours of looking back over our records to fix the problem, in addition to hiring an accounting consultant to double check our work. I wasted time and money, and every second counts. That type of payroll mistake no longer plagues me. Here's how I do payroll now: I enter a new employee's name and wage and click “send.”

That's it—the rest is automated.

ZenPayroll truly is “modern and delightful.”


They are modern to me because they utilize an innovative online platform. They are a delight to me because I’m pleased with their service and inspired by their innovation. My team is inspired too. At Relode, we like to say that recruiting is stuck in the Stone Age; payroll is stuck in the Stone Age too. But we’re in the Modern Era.

Here's what I don’t have to deal with anymore:

  • Meeting with sales representatives
  • Negotiating rates
  • Paying unnecessary fees
  • Signing long-term agreements
  • Managing a relationship with payroll vendors (who have their payroll opinions and mistakes)
  • Avoiding upselling vendors
  • Calculating and monitoring employee taxes
  • Searching for payroll companies
  • Interviewing payroll companies

Here's what I get with ZenPayroll now:

  • Smooth hiring
  • More focus on clients and products
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Elegant interface
  • Incredible customer service
  • No concern for penalties
  • No extra fees

Here's the bottom line: traditional payroll services are out, ZenPayroll is in. My mom still wrestles with an old clunky payroll system, but she doesn’t have to. I can’t tell her that, but I can tell you. For startups (and many other companies), ZenPayroll is the best solution for payroll, hands down. I am even putting my name on it. We will continue to use them at Relode.

Our time is too precious to waste in the Stone Age. Sorry, Brendan Fraser, but we're moving on.


Matt Tant is the founder and CEO of Relode, an online marketplace of recruiters available on demand to assist you in finding candidates. Your search starts here.