Nursing Industry Innovators: NurseGrid

This Health Tech Company is Transforming the Nursing Industry

NurseGrid proves that necessity is the mother of invention as it overhauls the nursing industry, all in the name of efficiency.

By Ashley Driggs

Ask any nurse you meet to reflect on the nursing industry’s top challenges, and it may feel a bit like taking a sip of water from a fire hydrant. Whether it’s being overworked, underpaid, short-staffed or simply struggling to keep your chin up in a tough work environment, the world of nursing is continually proven to be one that requires not only a nursing degree, but some seriously thick skin as well.

In an effort to alleviate some top struggles and put the power of technology to good use, one health tech company has created a highly effective solution to shake up a stale industry “system” that has been collecting dust for decades.

Manage your schedule, trade shifts and more with NurseGrid, an innovative app that's bettering the nursing industry. Image: NurseGrid

Manage your schedule, trade shifts and more with NurseGrid, an innovative app that's bettering the nursing industry. Image: NurseGrid

NurseGrid is a schedule management app that was built exclusively for nurses. Designed to help them manage their schedules, easily trade shifts with one another and manage their ongoing schedules more efficiently, NurseGrid helps users strike a more harmonious work-life balance. “As a nurse entrepreneur working in hospitals, I was constantly frustrated by the operational inefficiencies that plague these organizations and that have significant downstream consequences,” says NurseGrid’s founder and CEO Joe Novello. “My goal was to impact a profession that I truly love by developing nurse-focused technology that people love using and that reverse the inefficiencies.

NurseGrid has over 3800 different hospital departments with 15+ users actively using the app across the United States. And as tech companies often do, NurseGrid and Relode are teaming up to bring the best of both of companies together for the betterment of nursing and, ultimately, patient care. In NurseGrid’s newest version of their mobile app, users will now have access to Relode’s countless job postings, which can be applied to in one tap. “I have had five bedside nursing jobs in my seven-year career, and there was not one simple application process,” says Zach Smith, VP of Nursing with NurseGrid. “I'm thrilled that we are working with Relode to pair these quality job postings on an intuitive interface and a simple tap-to-apply system.”

Two innovative companies offering great solutions on one easy-to-navigate platform — nursing life just got a whole lot easier!

The NurseGrid app is available for both iOS and Android devices; learn more on the NurseGrid website. And make sure you spread the word about with other potential Relode agents.