November Product Update: New Features and Fixes

Team Relode
12 November 2015


With the public release of Relode's entire software in October, we've now added a few new features and fixed a few bugs. Here's a quick update of those changes that will make our product even more delight for you. If you're not yet a user: Create a free account


New features, thanks to your feedback!

Sharing is caring. You can now Link, Copy, and Move Relode candidates into other boards.

  • Link - Shares candidates information between boards so they are automatically kept up to date
  • Copy - Copies all candidate information into the selected board. Each copy is maintained independently.
  • Move - Associate the candidate with the selected board and achieve them from the current board.

So, what do you do? We now allow you to add a current position to candidates profiles.

Did someone say status tags? Yes! status tags, company, current position, and board now appear on bricks in boards and search results. Status tags are board-specific.

  • You can type “ST” in the candidate status field to see a list of all available statuses. 
  • Similarly, in the tag field, they can see lists of tags by typing the first two letters of the following: Certification, Compensation, Education, Eligibility, Immigration Status, Job Experience, Language, Location, Other, Position, Skill, Sources, Status, Work Shift, Work Type. 
  • Can’t find the tag you need? Email us your wish list at and we’ll work with you to get it added.

You've got Relode Mail. Now you don’t even have to specify a board when you mail a candidate to your Relode email account. All you have to do is put the “firstname lastname” in the subject and we will magically create a board called “Inbox”. Once you are back in the app, you can move those candidates to the correct board.

  • @board is now optional, If multiple boards are specified “@board1 @board2” and board1 exists and board2 doesn’t then candidate will be added to board1 and an email will be sent saying board2 not found. Nothing will be added to Inbox
  • Inbox is only populated if no boards are found or no board specified.


And we've fixed some bugs:

FIXED: Profile picture editor now works in Safari. 

FIXED: Page size for candidates and boards now views correctly on desktop and tablet.

FIXED: Images taken with a camera now are rotated properly.

FIXED: "Comment" changes to “Commenting…” while it is processing each comment.

FIXED: Subscription renewal email includes invoice information in email body.


Do you enjoy what we're building? We hope so! Please always reach out with features you would like to see, or bugs that you experience at

We'd be honored if you would tell your friends about us too! Just share below ;)

- Jenny and the Happiness Team