Negotiating Salary for Nurses

Feb 23

When you’re starting a new job, it’s important not just to consider the day-to-day functions, but also pay attention to the salary. Depending on where you live, salary can play a huge role in your decision to accept a position, and may prevent you from taking a position that would otherwise be a great fit.

However, according to a recent study, less than half of participants had ever asked for a raise, and the overwhelming reason was that they were uncomfortable negotiating salary.

Negotiating salary can be an uncomfortable, tricky, and even intimidating for many people.

It doesn’t have to be.

Watch this short video with Relode Account Executive Kelsey to learn tips for negotiating salary, or scroll down for our salary negotiation guide!

Negotiating Salary for Nurses

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Want to learn more about negotiating salary? Check out our negotiating salary guide for more tips and information.

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Molly Powers