naviHealth’s Story

“Relode is that top notch recruiting that has all the skills and technology to go out and find the best candidates.” — Ryan Rutledge, Talent Acquisition Partner

The Need

naviHealth has spent the last decade transforming the patient provider process. While managing care for postacute patients after leaving the hospital setting is their primary mission, it’s the quality of care and strong relationships that is the driving force behind naviHealth's tremendous success. Their culture is unique, dynamic, and revolutionary in the healthcare industry. When traditional hiring processes failed during a difficult job search, naviHealth knew they needed to find a new, innovative solution to fill the position. We were lucky enough to help them find exactly what they were looking for.

When searching for the perfect candidate, naviHealth wanted to take an involved role and be able to form close relationships with the recruiting team. Their model for providing and managing post-acute care is incredibly innovative, so they knew they needed to work with a company that understood both what they do and the culture of the company. Relode’s technology was able to come alongside naviHealth to help educate candidates quickly about who naviHealth is, and what they do.

It wasn't long before naviHealth was able to find a great candidate for their open position, which led to the blossoming of their partnership with Relode.

“Jen, our Account Executive, helped us work on our Long Beach California position. I (Ryan) had been working on that position for eight months, it was candidate after candidate and then no candidate. Nothing was the right fit. But Jen took the time to talk with me about the specifics of the role and what we were looking for. She took the time to invest and do her own research on the company and figure out what our hiring managers really wanted.”

The Fit

Impressed with how well Jen’s candidate fit with the naviHealth team, naviHealth now uses Relode as the sole outside recruitment resource for clinical roles.

“The cultural fit was perfectly aligned with what we were looking for. With staffing firms a lot of times you are just getting candidates but they are not always the best quality," Rutledge says.

Jennifer Dotson, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at naviHealth, explained the finances behind the decision to solely utilize Relode as well.

“We were spending large amounts of money on multiple external staffing partners. Partnering with Relode has helped us become more cost effective, and find quality candidates.”

Even with an internal team in place to sustain naviHealth’s growth, sometimes additional resources are needed to work on specialized roles. “We need someone that is an expert, that can be an extension of our team, and keep it seamless for the managers and candidates. Jen gets the business and what we are looking for and has the resources to go out and find those candidates.”

The Technology

The naviHealth HR team is now able to do what they do best, grow and improve their team while providing better care. With Relode, they have a platform to store and organize of all their candidates as well as the resources to help them with their searches.

“I like that you can comment back and forth to each other” says Rutledge. “Relode status tags made it easy and organized to work as a team, to leave comments on candidates in different places in the hiring process, and make sure the team was all on the same page.” They were also able to stay on the same page as their Account Executive Jen, because the technology facilitates the entire process.

“It was very easy to see the candidates that we had in the process. You pull up their profile and you have their resume, contact info, and a little summary about the candidate. I had more detail about the candidate before the interview actually even happened” says Rutledge.

With the help of Relode, naviHealth was able to find the perfect fit for their team in California, someone who matched the innovation, compassionate care, and uniqueness that encompasses naviHealth.

With a fast growing product and Relode to supplement naviHealth’s recruitment efforts when necessary, naviHealth is more excited than ever about what its future holds. “Relode is that top notch recruiting that has all the skills and technology to go out and find the best candidates and the cultural fit that we are trying to find.”

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